Super Simple Rose Cookies

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Want to know my secret to these super simple rose cookies?


I didn’t run out and buy a special rose cookie cutter!! I’ve been following the blog The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle for a couple of months now, and she is the master of repurposing cookie cutters. She even recently had a post about 20 different ways to use a pumpkin cookie cutter. Like I said, master. While she has hundreds of cutters at her disposal, I have less than 20. I’m all about saving a few $$ here and there whenever I do a party, so I didn’t want to buy a special cookie cutter. This was my trick.

rose cookies (1 of 1)

I simply used a candy wrapper cookie cutter and trimmed off one side of the “wrapper.” I ended up with the perfect size for a rosette, and a little tail to add leaves. When Todd saw these baking, he asked what I was making pineapple cookies for. So, there you go. These could be roses, pineapples, fish, etc… Use your imagination, and there are few limits to any cookie cutter shape.

As for the decorating, use a star shaped tip and begin the swirl from the middle curving around to the outside. Allow the rosette to dry for an hour before adding leaves with a leaf tip. My favorite cookie and icing recipes come from Bake at 350.

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