Consignment Upgrades

Friday, November 2, 2012

I’ve been consignment shopping again, so it was time for a new round of upgrades. I showed you my first example for hiding those pesky monograms here. Each piece seems to have its own challenges, so I thought I would show you the tricks I used this time.

I couldn’t pass up these two cute corduroy rompers. I knew a fancy shape might get lost in the gathers with this elastic neckline, so I went with another heart. I used knit scraps to keep everything soft. The hardest part was picking out the stitches from the original monogram. Normally, I would just leave them in place, but the stabilizer they used on the back of this one was super thick. I didn’t want that rubbing on Tandy’s skin, so I went ahead and picked it out.


I left these stitches in place, but the tricky part about this one was the short bodice and long monogram. I just couldn’t come up with the right image to applique that would fit. Pretty ribbon to the rescue! I simply folded in the ends of the ribbon and sewed very close to the edges on all four sides. This one will be perfect for Thanksgiving!


As you can see below, this one already had an applique image on the dress. Instead of trying to compliment the existing image, I decided to add a bib style top outlined with a tiny pom pom trim. Due to the thickness of the existing stitching, I had to pluck out this monogram as well. Anything too thick may show through with this style.


So stretch your imagination, and snatch up a good deal when you can find it. I couldn’t sew up new outfits at the prices I bought these for!

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