The P Chronicles – An Update

Thursday, November 8, 2012

If you have no idea what I mean by this title, you may want to check back here for the rest of the story. About a month ago, we were able to have a conversation with a urologist about Avery’s accidents. In addition to our fiber diet and Miralax, he recommended adding probiotic gummies and Metamucil cookies to our regime. He also encouraged us to keep Avery on a tight schedule of voiding her bladder every hour. We’ve been pretty diligent with this routine for a month now, and I am happy to say we have seen some improvement. We certainly have more good days than bad, so we are thankful. It’s strange how bad days usually involve multiple accidents as opposed to one random incident. There is still room for improvement, so we’ll keep working at it. I wanted to pass on this update for those left wondering.

Since I didn’t want to post without pictures, here’s something random. What is it about dog crates that children seem to love?



Avery took pleasure in the same thing not too long ago.

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