Ribbon Canopy Mini-tutorial

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I spied the cutest table set-up over on Pinterest when I was scheming up Tandy’s birthday details.


I knew this would make a super special setting for the bigger kids at the party, so I came up with this version. It’s not a full tent, but more of a canopy style.

ribbon canopy-7254

A friend gifted me large spools of ribbon left over from her wedding years ago, so for me, this was super cheap. I used different shades and widths of ribbon for variety. The trickiest part of this set-up is having the perfect limb, not to high and somewhat straight. Mine was actually a perfect rainbow arch. This tree limb pretty much determined the location of our party in the yard even though it took some clearing out below. I was determined!

ribbon canopy-7842

I simply tacked the ribbon to the tree limb at my desired spacing. Since, I wasn’t making a complete tent, I let the upper ends of the ribbons just dangle over the tree limb sort of like a valance.

ribbon canopy-7848

At my husband’s recommendation, I bought tent stakes at Wal-Mart. I purchased 2 packages of 4 stakes for $2 per package. (It helps to have a good partner for this project.) I tied 3 ribbons to each stake. You could certainly do more or less. Pull the ribbons taunt and angle the stake bottom back toward the ribbons as you push it into the ground.

ribbon canopy-7846

Tapping the stake with a rubber mallet will get it secure in the ground.

ribbon canopy-7838

I completed the look with a small bunting, but lanterns would be festive too.

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