Avery’s Art Space

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Avery’s activity of choice is usually to color or craft. To encourage her creative outlet we’ve given her a space of her own in our office/sewing/playroom. We’ve done some rearranging, so some of my sewing supplies will remain, but I’m loving that she has this spot of her own.


I picked up the drawer cabinet the other day to house supplies and coloring books. It needs some cute drawer pulls; don’t you think?


I’ve got to brag on Todd a bit. He crafted this easel starting with an old Ikea shelf we had sitting in the basement. Avery’s not quite into free form drawing yet, but I still see this getting lots of use.


We’ve got a great spot for a bit more décor too! I love the vintage flour sifter turned marker holder.


I have a couple mini projects I still want to tackle for this space. I hope to replace my vintage chicken feeder ribbon holder with something like this. I also need to get better at planning a few craft activities a week, but that would require a bit more organization on my part.

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