Pattern Re-Mix Inspiration - Vintage Natalie

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

There are so many sewing styles when it comes to patterns. There are those who strictly stick to patterns, those who draft everything from scratch, and those who fall somewhere in between those categories. I love to start with a good pattern and modify or improvise along the way. Often, when I see a dress style or design I love, I to try to think of ways I can remix a pattern I have to re-create the look. Take this pattern for the Vintage Natalie dress which is totally wonderful on its own.

Here is my yellow version basically keeping the pattern as it.

Now, have a look at these next styles and see the similarities.
It looks like you could create this one by adding a couple of ruffles along the sides of the bodice panel.

I’ve shown this dress before, so you know how much I like it. It would incorporate a change in direction of the fabric grain and the addition of side ties. Simple, but a totally different look.

Finally, this more modern spin uses a solid and a stripe with a pleated skirt.

So do you like to mix it up? If so, do you have a favorite pattern that you use as a base?
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