Faux Knit Piping Tutorial

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I guess these might be considered tips more than a tutorial, but I thought I’d give some pointers for adding knit piping like I did around this bib top.


I cut my strip 3/4” wide (straight, not on the bias). Then I pressed it in half. Normally, with a woven fabric you would insert some cording and baste the raw edges together. For this look, I did not insert any cording. Since I thought basting my thin knit strip would tend to stretch it out of proportion, I looked for an alternate method. I usually use this fabric glue stick when I position zippers, but it was just the trick here. This particular stick is made by Dritz.


I took my folded and pressed strip and glued it down along the the line where the bib would attach. The raw edges are aligned. I applied the glue in small sections to the printed knit then pressed down the black strip.


Only one side gets glued, but I didn’t have any trouble with things slipping around. Be sure to let the glue dry for a few minutes. Next, I pinned my bib fabric in place sandwiching the piping between. 


Since this piping was wide enough, I went ahead and topstitched over it in black. For a narrower piece, I would topstich on the adjacent fabric (the bows in this case).


I hope this gives you and idea for adding some accents to your work.

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