Chore Chart and Memory Work

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I found this chore chart via Pinterest a while back and thought it was time to help make Avery responsible for a few items of our own. Here’s a look at what we came up with.


The no whining seems to be the most challenging cupcake to gain, but we’ve had a few days where the chart ends up full. The cupcakes are stickers adhered to squares of scrapbook paper. Velcro allows for repositioning each day. She’s not reading yet, so the doodles provide visual reminders.


On another note, Avery’s school works hard with the children on memorization. This past month Avery came home with a whole sheet of bible verses, poems, and prayers to memorize. To help us and her keep up with the work, I posted the various items in different locations. This way we could quickly practice throughout the day. One prayer was conveniently located by her bed.


Psalm 100:1-3 has been her favorite to recite, and a great reminder during our sometimes whiny and rushed morning routines.


The rest were posted on our refrigerator. I wish I had a recording of Avery as she recited her work at their chapel presentation, but holding a wiggly Tandy and a video recorder at the same time just isn’t possible. These kids are such sponges at this age, and there couldn’t possibly be a better thing to soak up than God’s word.

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