Spray Painting Difficult Shapes

Thursday, February 28, 2013

I decided to work some teal accents into our bathroom update by spray painting our existing shower curtain rings and mirror. No, this isn’t an advertisment for Papa John’s pizza; this box just happened to be perfect for the task. I wanted the faces of these shower curtain rings painted, but I didn’t want to paint the hooked part since it would rub along the curtain rod. To protect the hooks from paint, I punched holes in my cardboard box with an ice pick. Then slid the hooked ends down inside.


To make sure the paint would get to the edges of the ring faces, I stuffed a tiny wad of paper towel underneath. This lifts the surface to be painted just enough to get those side edges covered.


Then I layered on two coats of spray paint.


They are ready to hang with the hooks clear of paint.


Next up was this rounded mirror.  First I lined the edge with painters tape.


Then I went around again taping down a trash bag to cover the surface.


Now, it’s ready to paint.

The mirror and shower curtain are now hung, but I’m struggling to figure out what to hang on the walls. I guess you’ll have to stay tuned for the final result.

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