Do Not Judge a Seamstress by Her Lovey

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Avery did not latch on to a lovey in her baby/toddler years, so I was a bit unprepared when Tandy did. I’ve heard all the stories about favorite lovies, but didn’t know if they would apply to us. Well, yes they do.


Of course, Tandy latched onto the one lovey I have been unable to find a replacement for. You really do need at least two to have a wash rotation. Well, while at Jo-Ann’s not too long ago, I decided to take a look at their minky selection. They had a perfect match! As one who sews regularly, surely I could handle making a square lovely duplicate.


Have you ever seen such wonky, stretched, messiness in a square piece of fabric? I’ve even sewn with minky before! This was clearly a bit more of a beast than I anticipated, but it looks like it just might pass the lovey test.

Smells ok.


Cuddles ok.


Plays ok.


As long as it sleeps ok, we’re all good.

So, any tips on sewing with minky?

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