Project Run & Play Sew Along – Eclipse Dress

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Despite my best efforts, those ladies over at Project Run & Play sucked me back into sewing along with another “season”. They announced this season’s themes and I couldn’t stop myself from brainstorming. Once it’s in my brain, I can’t seem to help but bring it to life.

This week’s theme is “Inspired by Art.” Since my days of photography on the high school yearbook staff, where I destroyed more film strips in the darkroom than actually printed photos, I’ve been fascinated by Ansel Adams. I think in our day of digital photography, respect for Ansel Adams’ type of art can only grow. The man captured light like no other. It was a bit hard for me to narrow down which piece to use, but after a few sketches this one made the final cut.


Eclipse, Cantonville, CA, by Ansel Adams ca 1924

I chose the Farbenmix Roxy pattern to transform the side panels into the shades of darkness. I am totally in love with this Carolina Chambray fabric that I used for the sleeves and middle panel of the dress. The textured look and the softness of it will work well for dresses as well as pants.


The eclipse is actually a round pocket trimmed in white piping since every kid seems to love pockets.


I finally found the perfect use for the number buttons I picked up a while back in NYC.


At first, I wasn’t sure Avery would be crazy about a black and gray dress, but it was fun showing her the inspiration and teaching her about what an eclipse is. She is actually pretty excited about her eclipse dress now. Wearing my high heels just made her feel fancy.




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