Easiest Doll Blanket DIY

Friday, July 26, 2013

Avery sat behind the wheel of my sewing machine for the first time the other day and declared that she made this doll blanket, “All by herself.” Well, you know the truth in that, but this really was a super easy way to entertain a sick 5 year old. She was the kind of sick where you can’t go and do anything to risk infecting others, but she did not feel the least bit sick herself. Those are hard days to fill!

I measured out our doll cradle and cut some fleece accordingly. I think our blanket ended up 13”x18”. Fleece will not fray, so no hemming is required.


Avery dug through my fabric scraps and selected the ones she liked. I then trimmed them down into 4” squares. Avery used a Dritz fabric glue stick to position the squares where she wanted them.


While I pushed the foot petal, Avery guided the fabric down the straight sides with a zig zag stitch. I helped with turning the corners, and let her guide some more.


She is so proud of her completed work!


Lisa seems pretty cozy as well.


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