My Almost Encounter With The Pioneer Woman

Monday, September 23, 2013

This is actually Avery’s encounter with Ree Drummond while I remained in the background. After realizing The Pioneer Woman was in town for a book signing only an hour before it was set to start, I managed to get in line about 8 from the end. I won’t go too far into the saga that the evening turned into, but I will say Todd ended up with an allergic reaction to something, Tandy screamed the whole way home, and Avery lost all TV privileges for tomorrow. Yikes!

photo 5

I did get to be up close for Ree’s talk about her upcoming book, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays.

photo 2

Todd entertained the girls until he started feeling bad, then Avery joined me in line. (side note: I totally would have dressed Avery for the occasion in her sassy boots, but I was completely unprepared!) Once we got up to Ree, Avery stole the show. After they discussed Avery’s white dress being part of last year’s daisy costume, Avery moved on to discussing our dog, Bella. Avery was focused on Charlie the Ranch Dog’s author while Ree Drummond was actually signing my cookbooks. I left without uttering a single word to her. Figures!

photo 1

All in all, it was an evening we will remember, but not in any way we ever would have imagined.

P.S. Avery’s discipline is in no way associated with her monopolizing the conversation with Ree. Just in case anyone jumped to that conclusion.

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