Thanksgiving 2013

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bet you thought I was going to skip right on past Thanksgiving, and head into Christmas. No such luck. Please indulge a few family photos of our full week at the ranch in Texas.

Omie and Opa welcomed us into their new house on the ranch. Building has been a long, grueling process for them, but the final product was certainly enjoyed. The wide porch provides the best afternoon snuggle spot.


And, you can’t beat s’mores at the porch fireplace. I wish I could describe the relationship these two have formed, but it’s pretty much beyond words. (Sorry for the less than ideal phone pic!)

photo 3

Opa sure enjoyed all his girls too.


These two got a healthy dose of that fresh country air!



The evenings inside were special too.


All of the cousins thought baby Annie was the star of the show.


Now, bring on the Christmas cheer!!

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