Velour Jumper

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are back from a great visit in Texas. Just before we left I sewed up this little fall jumper.


The pattern comes from the Japanese sewing book: Heart Warming Life Series: Chiisana Onnanoko no Oyafuku (Clothes for Little Girls)by Yuki Araki. Their picture shows a pretty sweater knit, but I like it done up in this maroon-ish velour even if parts of it were a bit tricky to sew.


The tiny rounded pockets are one of those unique details I love.


Of course, I had to add in a couple vintage buttons. The buttons are only decorative. Thankfully the straps actually snap on to the bodice. I’ll have to remember this trick in the future, since sewing button holes in velour is not something I would like to attempt.


We actually were having a ball together taking these photos despite the crash she took that resulted in the dirty tights!


I thought I’d share this quick swap for a holiday look. Dress up the shoes, add a festive undershirt, and she has the perfect Christmas dress! Velour is not just for sweats folks!


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