Modkid Harper and Watermelon

Monday, July 27, 2015

Random title, I know. Those two things have nothing in common other than I took these photos at my parents ranch, and I can't help but share them all!

I had a little fun with the Modkid Harper pattern, and created this open back style after finding inspiration here and here. I posted a tutorial for you to create your own open back Harper Dress on the Modkid blog.

Oh how I love the backdrops I can find at the ranch!! Why, yes that is the old cattle shoot.

The fabrics are from Joann's. I had originally wanted to do this in solids, but the best peach I could find was this one with metallic silver dots. It worked out even prettier than I expected.

The Harper pattern was perfect to create the open back, because I was still able to use the side panels giving plenty of coverage.

What is it about watermelon that consistently makes me want to grab my camera?!? Maybe it was just the fact that Tandy was eating watermelon while wearing a watermelon dress.

Maybe it is all the wonderful memories of childhood that watermelon evokes, even the competitive seed spitting contests!!

When I was editing these photos, I think I came to the conclusion that it's just impossible to eat a slice of watermelon without a smile!!

The kind that melts your heart.

So, what is it that triggers you to reach for the camera? Is there a food association? Activity? Expression? Just feeling a bit curious today.
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