Tribal Desert Rose

Thursday, August 6, 2015

When I made my first Caila Made Desert Rose Dress during testing, I knew there would be more. I just can't believe it took me exactly a year to repeat it!! 

The skirt fabric on this dress is from the Natural Wonder collection by Josephine Kimberling. I was drawn to this geometric print with its tribal style.

What better place to photograph this natural wonder dress than in the rustic setting of my parent's ranch! As we wandered over to the area where we were going to take photos, I expressed the wish for feathers to use in photos. Avery was delighted to remind me of the little collection my parents still had in their old cabin. They only show in the photo above, but she was more than a little tickled to pose with her feathers!

I still love the perfect scoop of this neckline!

How is it that this flowy, easy style of dress looks so perfect on a child, but would look ridiculous on me?!? Yes, I'm a bit jealous!

I'm trying to channel a bit of the bohemian / Aztec trend in some of my sewing, so watch for more to come!
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