Free Motion Applique and Avery Hack

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

When it comes to sewing and occasionally cooking, I absolutely love trying new things! (That may not be the case for other aspects of my life, but I guess that's a topic for another day.) This little dress brings together a pattern hack and free motion applique for a look I adore.

For the pattern hack, I took the Modkid Avery dress (that I happen to love as is) and flipped the button front to the button up the back. Not only did it give a new look to the dress, but it also opened up a great surface to add a fun applique. 

For all of the details on the pattern changes, head on over for today's Modkid Modified

Oh the applique!! I recently started following Carin on instagram, and she posts the most amazing free motion applique. She draws her own designs with paper and pencil first and translates them to stitched works of art. I purchased a free motion applique foot for my sewing machine and started to practice. Yes, I pestered Carin with more than a few questions. Thanks Carin!! Then, she generously posted a tutorial with this adorable FREE pattern on her blog. 

I still need lots of practice, and I'm a little worried about the base fabric I choose to use. I'm hoping she doesn't look like she has a beard after a few washings! My junior high art teachers can probably attest to the fact that I could follow their instructions, but drawing and painting have never been a true  natural talent of mine. Only my mom would hang one of my paintings on her wall. Thanks Mom! Sketching with thread is a fun creative outlet. I'm certainly glad I've tried this new technique, and I'm sure this won't be my last experience!

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