Rabbit Rabbit Hourglass Dress

Friday, September 11, 2015

I always find the pattern testing process interesting, and I enjoy working with different designers. Some designers have a very large group of testers and go through several iterations of a pattern. Others use a small group of testers and have most of the kinks worked out before the pattern goes to testing. And, there are all ranges in between. In my experience, both of the before mentioned processes result in a quality pattern. I responded to the tester call for the Rabbit Rabbit Hourglass Dress, because I like the dress design. I had never previously sewn a Rabbit Rabbit pattern, so I was also curious. I am grateful for the opportunity to test this Hourglass Pattern!

The Hourglass Dress pattern is not exactly fitting for the season here in the United States. (The pattern designer is from Australia). To account for the changing season, I decided to sew up a tunic version to go with knicker style pants. To me, it gives it more of a transitional look. It also happens to color coordinate my husband's college, so Tandy will be outfitted for her first football game of the season.

Let's talk about some of the pattern details. First, I loved the idea of using hair elastics for the spaghetti straps! The pattern included instructions for creating fabric straps as well. 

The back closes with a hook and eye. I think next time I would use and elastic loop and button for mine. The pattern now includes those instructions as well. 

I love the high front and back with the side panel design. I found this chunky gingham at Wal-mart, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality after a couple of washes. I opted to cut the side panels on the bias to distinguish them. I added some interfacing to these panels to prevent any stretching during sewing.

I paired the top with the Violet Field Threads Daphne knickers in a lightweight red chambray. These are the softest pants! I can't attest to the durability at this point, but this girl that usually only wants dresses, had no complaints about these.

The Hourglass Dress pattern is now available for sale here.
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