Peter Rabbit Birthday

Friday, October 30, 2015

Soon after Tandy's last birthday, she determined that she wanted a Peter Rabbit fourth birthday due to her love of the Nick Jr. Peter Rabbit episodes. It has been nothing but Peter Rabbit ever since!! I was easily able to get behind such a classic party theme.

For all of the detail on Tandy's Peter Rabbit Dress with applique and blue cardigan (that was too hot to wear on  the day of the party) be sure to check out this post

It seems I use my Ikea cart for every party. I just wish it made me clean out the sewing projects I usually have stacked on it instead of just dumping them on the floor!

The advantage to my kids picking their party themes so far in advance, is that I can gather items at discounted prices. You better believe I stalked all of the after Easter sales!

This shelf held some chocolate carrot favors and a scavenger hunt list with bags for collecting.

Most of the decor items are derived from the classic Peter Rabbit story, but for the garland I used quotes from the Peter Rabbit Nick Jr. show. Tandy loves to quote the lines, "A good rabbit never gives up" and "Rabbits are brave". For the animal shapes, I simply traced around some forest critter cookie cutters.

Tandy's grandparents brought the cutest vintage watering cans for display as well as a wheel barrow that held ice and drinks. The twine carrots were from an after Easter sale at Pier 1 (similar here). We made the coffee filter cabbages largely from this tutorial. Instead of dip dying the leaves we painted them with our liquid water colors to get variations in the colors.

The main party favor was a play-dough carrot.

I used this play-dough recipe. We stuffed the play-dough into pastry bags, trimmed off the tops of the bags, and tied them up with strips of gingham fabric.

First the snacks, then the treats. 

We served pots of veggies for dipping. 

The ranch dip was served from a hollowed out cabbage. The veggie pizza is delicious for any occasion. We garnished the strawberry soup with a slice of radish just for fun. 

Coming up with the sweet party treats is always my favorite part! I already told you about Tandy's Mississippi grandparents bringing fun items for the party. Well, her Texas grandparents had a few things to contribute as well. Yes, both sets go all out, and they never know what I may request! My mom found the perfect Peter Rabbit tablecloth at a Pottery Barn outlet. And my dad brought tree slices on the plane from Texas for my use. That's love people!

I normally have the gate from our Texas ranch in front of my fireplace. Adding a simple chalkboard sign and Peter Rabbit scarecrow made the perfect backdrop.

The carrot cookie cutters were another after Easter sale item. Score!

I don't think Tandy had ever had carrot cake before, but that's what she requested. I love when those requests are so easy to accommodate! The Peter Rabbit cupcake toppers were simple and sweet. 

The pie pops were a first for me. They are so much easier than cake pops!! I used store bought blueberry pie filling and store bought crust. Easy!!

Somehow I can't help making those pesky cake pops once an idea gets in my head.

I had to incorporate radishes somewhere, and red velvet radish cake pops were just the thing. I simply wrapped the stick in green fringed paper to complete the look.

The tree ring fudge was delicious, but if there were to be a next time, I would bake some spiral tree ring cookies! These were no small feat. The tutorial makes it seem so much easier than it actually was!

As I previously mentioned, we had a scavenger hunt that the kids really enjoyed. Todd played the role of Mr. McGregor, and we hid plastic toy vegetables in one area to simulate his garden.  

The other fun activity was painting rabbit hats for party hats. 

Here are a few more images of the party girl enjoying all of the fun!


At one point during the party, Tandy came up to me and thanked me for her party. That's all the encouragement that I ever need!! I simply love doing this for my girls!

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  1. What a fabulous party! It sure is fun when little ones plan far enough in advance to let us take our time party planning!

    1. I know!! My oldest's birthday is 8 months away and I am ready for her to pick!

  2. Such a well orchestrated birthday party (as all of your birthday parties)! Love the carrot shaped buttons on her dress :)

  3. I am just in awe. I had seen this on my phone, but it's even better on my computer. You have a real gift for party planning. This is sooo much better than the parties I find on Pinterest. It's just incredible! Every detail is impeccable. I am glad you took lots of pictures so you will always remember - and she will love to look back on it, too. My kids love to read my blog from the early days! And I don't have anything that compare to this! So awesome!

  4. So sweet! Thank you for all of the helpful hints! I am attempting to give my daughter a Beatrix Potter Wedding Shower and am trying to get as much done before the Easter Sales. But your post inspired me to wait since this year her shower is April 16th and Easter is in March!

    1. Yes! I scored big after Easter! The timing is just right for you!

  5. Can I ask where you purchased the green grass cubes that you put the pie pops in?

    1. I don't have a good source for you. I found them on an after Easter clearance table at a local boutique.

    2. Maybe find some moss at Hobby Lobby/Michael's. Glue it to an empty milk carton or styrofoam that florists use.

  6. Where did you find that beautiful tablecloth?

  7. So much fun! I'd also like to ask about the pretty table cloth. : )

  8. Did you use the same sticks for both the cake and pie pops? And did you need something specifically oven-safe for baking the pie pops? LOVE your party theme.

    1. I used longer sticks for the pie pops. I found them in the baking section at Walmart. I don't know that they are marked oven safe, but I didn't have any problems.

  9. Did you use the same sticks for both the cake and pie pops? And did you need something specifically oven-safe for baking the pie pops? LOVE your party theme.


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