Peter Rabbit Dress

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

We celebrated Tandy's fourth birthday this past weekend with a Peter Rabbit themed party. About the time I was scheming up what I would create for a Peter Rabbit dress, Patty sent me the Modkid Charlotte pattern to test. I know sewing up a test pattern doesn't always yield perfect results with the first round, but I put my faith in Patty's great designs like I always do. It came together just as I envisioned. 

Speaking of my vision, anyone I polled about my brown dress with wood buttons idea did not have faith in the final look. I'm glad I remained a bit stubborn with this one, because I am thrilled with the result. I actually love a sweet little brown dress now!!

The pattern even includes side seam pockets.

And a simple tie in back. I used this Kaufman Interweave Chambray in brown. It didn't have a very soft drape, but it actually worked well for this dress. 

I love the bodice button detail, and especially those carrot buttons. The cuffs on the short sleeves are a nice touch too. 

 Peter Rabbit came together with a little free motion embroidery and a few strokes of fabric paint.

Of course, she needed a little nod to Peter's blue coat. The striped Aster cardigan was the perfect addition.

Stay tuned for all of the party details!! And, be sure to grab a copy of the Modkid Charlotte dress pattern. Oh, and it includes a jacket version, so go check it out.
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  2. Where did u find the Peter Rabbit embroidery design?

    1. I created the rabbit using free motion embroidery from various sketches I found of Peter Rabbit.

  3. Well, Courtney, you definitely did not poll me, because I would have given it my stamp of approval from the get go! It is awesome! Seriously perfection!

  4. My favorite Mommy-Made dress of all time was EXACTLY this brown color! I remember my mom discussing the fabric with my grandmother; something about brown not being appropriate for little girls? Forget that, brown (and black, and navy) look AWESOME on children, probably because their skin is naturally glowing.


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