Christmas Brewster's Bubble Skirt

Monday, December 21, 2015

I couldn't resist one more Christmas outfit for Avery this year. The Brewster's Bubble Skirt was just the right quick sew that could use up some of my scraps from Christmas dresses in the past. 

I think this skirt runs a little big. I made a size 6 for Avery who is closer to an 8 in ready to wear. I would probably lengthen it a little if she wasn't going to be wearing it with tights, but she's not likely to have bare legs this time of year. 

 Wouldn't you know it? The day I finished up this skirt, her school sent out a memo that the kids could wear a Christmas shirt with jeans for the last day of school before the break. Of course she doesn't have a shirt; she has this adorable skirt. I know I could have whipped up something that night, but we headed out for Star Wars. We made due, and she survived. Sometimes I do actually learn when to step back and not try to do it all.

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We hope you are enjoying this amazing advent season as we anticipate the celebration of Christ's birth. I just had to share this story that is a great reminder from Ann Voskamp:

"So a good friend with a strong, brave laugh, she says that she went to turn on the spotlight just right now for the nativity scene she's got out on the front lawn -- and, well, it's up & gone. Somebody ripped off the spotlight for the nativity. Somebody stole the spotlight from Jesus.

And before I go thinking of some kid slinking across Helena's front lawn to swipe the spotlight from the manger -- I'm thinking I've got this to-do list this week that could snitch all the the attention from Jesus, a pile of pressure that could pilfer Jesus of the holy focus over the next couple of days, a mess of things that could flat out burglarize God of His worthiness in the coming string of sacred days.

Easter's got its own thieves hanging on both sides of Jesus -- no way Christmas needs any band of robbers like me with a well-meaning to-do list to go stealing the focus from Jesus. 
There a thousand inconspicuous way to steal the spotlight from God in the manger, God in the marginalized, God in our midst.

And Jesus stays in the light this week -- when we let go of all the pressures and feel the lightness of His grace... 

Thinking about picking up a spotlight at the hardware store tomorrow for Helena's front lawn nativity and surprising her -- 'cause nothing anywhere can stop the spotlight from being on Jesus this week."

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