Project Run and Play: Signature Style

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I stumbled across this "definition" last week as I was taking an Instagram break from working on my signature style look. It completely resonated with me, so I googled the word. It is totally made up!! Well, thank you snack bar marketing guru! I'm borrowing your made up word to describe my sewing philosophy this week, but giving Curatesnacks all the credit!

Defining my signature style encompasses well-crafted details and curated inspiration combined to create something new, interesting, and dimensional. Putting parts and pieces together to create a unique whole. For this week, the challenge of presenting my signature style also included some self-drafted pieces. I reached to my daughter's closet, my closet, and, of course, Pinterest for inspiration.

Drafting a dress from a current style at first looks easy. Getting the pieces to fit together just right and the sewing method accurate is rather challenging. 

The simple silhouette reminded me of the Japanese patterns I love so much. While the curved lines added the perfect feminine touch.  

My goal with the kangaroo pocket was to make it nearly invisible when not in use. 

The end result is completely comfortable, preppy, and playful.

This was almost my title photo, but half of you would have noticed that Avery looks like she amputated one of her legs. The other half notice now. There's a little comedic relief for you!

The inspiration for Avery's skirt came from a little worn skirt in my closet. While gathers on hip pockets do nothing for my figure, I knew it could be a great style for a girl.

Rings of ruffles are no longer my style, but a well-placed gather can be a special detail.

The tank style top was actually the second top I created for this skirt. The first had more volume that I didn't think paired well with the volume of the skirt. Since I had recently tested Hey June's Camden Raglan top, I thought the slim fit might work well for another top. Adding a little extra seam allowance to the front pattern piece resulted in the front of this tank. 

The back comes together with pretty pink snaps. 

I always have my eyes peeled for great vintage buttons and trims on antique shopping trips, and I'm glad I held on to this one! Using double straps and weaving them at the back contributed such a delicate feature.

These girls have been such champs through the whole fitting and modeling process of Project Run and Play. It was time for more than the usual lollipop reward!!

I (and we) are so thrilled to have made it this far in the competition. The support and encouragement from family, friends, and strangers has been overwhelming. So, with gratitude and for the very last time, I will ask for your VOTE.

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