Project Run and Play: Wrap Up

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

EEEKKK! My hope for the Project Run and Play competition was just to make it past the first week. I am simply amazed to find myself at second place in the entire competition. This has been an amazing journey! I gave my very best effort, and enjoyed the process even in the stressful moments of sewing something then rejecting it. I thought it might be fun to look back on each week and include one or two of many, many outtake photos. 


Nothing But Knit: Not only did I make it through the first week, but I won it!! I felt like I was finally able to play with the big boys! 

Avery thought climbing the columns or trying to pretend she was Samson was more fun than photos. Which, of course, it is.

Cosplay: Cosplay had me so conflicted. Starting with 'what in the world is cosplay?', and ending with costum-ey or not costum-ey enough? 

The girls really got into this photo shoot! Ok, look serious for a minute. Nailed it!!

All That Glitters: The pressure was really on to stay on top of my game by week three. The competitors were amazing!! Trying new techniques and materials keeps this process so exciting.

My turn to pose, Mom!

How about this one!?!

Signature Style: Pattern drafting, what?!? Having something tangible from our closets was the only way I could pull this off, but I'm excited to know that inspiration can come together for a new creation. 

Apparently the flamingo/amputated leg look was a trend for this photo shoot. 

And, the classic, "Mom, she's touching me."

I cannot conclude without sharing my grateful heart. May God get all the glory for any creative talent I possess. This is a gift to me, and I am blessed to share it with you.

As I've said before, these girls get so much of the credit for our success. From fittings to photo shoots, they kept a great attitude. My husband was such a cheerleader along the way. He was so generous with spending solo time with the kiddos to give me extra sewing time. When he could make them, his antics during photo shoots kept smiles coming too. My mom is the best sounding board when it comes to writing up the text, and my sister contributed week three's title. My parents had a visit scheduled well before we knew about the contest, and they took the kids to Memphis for a night to give us a date night and me extra time to create. Many thanks for the group effort!

I'm so grateful for the awesome support, from votes to emails of encouragement.Watching people who do not sew rally around this creative effort just enhanced the experience. 

Finally, thank you to the amazing competitors, along with Liz and Elizabeth who host PRP, for pushing me to try new things. You made me stretch myself and achieve new goals. Thank you for being so talented and all around awesome!! 

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