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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Usually I enjoy the process of changing up a pattern to make it my own, but between this pattern being so great and the fabrics fitting so well with the delicate style, I kept things as is. The pattern I am referring to is the Mori Dress and Top pattern by Elegance & Elephants.

The sleeve flounces just give the dress a dreamy look.

I'm sure I committed a sewing / fashion faux pas with this one. Both of these fabrics are again from my Aunt's collection. The trouble is that the gingham print is silk while the floral is cotton. I'm sure some may criticize combining the two, but I knew the soft silk would be beautiful on the flounces. And, the colors in the fabrics went so well together. I haven't washed the finished dress yet, so I'm hoping for the best after the fact.

I didn't have enough of the silk for the underside of the flounce, so I lined it with a light voile. Understitching the lining was the only deviation I made from the pattern, so that lining wouldn't peak out.

The Mori Dress and Top is closure free which makes for an easy style to sew and wear. Using ribbons for the ties simplifies sewing even more.

Now that you know this is a great pattern, I can pass on a little discount.  Use coupon code MORITOUR for 10% off your purchase. The code will expire at midnight (PST) on April 30.
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