Thumbelina With Modkid Emma

Friday, April 15, 2016

Avery recently had a book report, project, and party at school geared toward a fairytale theme. She considered the options available on the school list like Belle and Cinderella, but when she thought of doing something with the walnut bed from Thumbelina for her project, she settled on it. We borrowed three different Thumbelina books from the library all with slightly different illustrations. I was very proud of the way she took notes and carefully wrote out her report.

Since Thumbelina costumes aren't exactly readily available, I had a good excuse to sew something for her party day. She decided that she liked the illustrations from one of the books of Thumbelina in a blue dress with yellow flowers. We pulled the fabrics from my stash, a solid yellow from who knows where, a large blue gingham shirting from my great aunt's collection, and the floral from an old line by Urban Chicks for Moda. 

The Modkid Emma pattern was absolutely perfect with its petal shaping. The lettuce edge hems give the top and skirt an airy feel. I wish I had a close up of the cute blue flower buttons and lime green crochet edge trim, but it didn't happen.

The only adjustment I needed to make for the pattern was to shorten the shoulder straps. With the serged hems, the whole thing came together relatively quickly. I like this as a set, but the top will be adorable with shorts as well.

I finished up the outfit before our spring break trip to Texas in hopes of catching some early bluebonnets. I'm so glad I did!! We found this cute little cluster, and the girls were happy to be surrounded by flowers. There is a law in Texas against picking bluebonnets unless they are on your personal property. Thankfully there were other wildflowers to choose from for our eager gatherers.

Avery wanted 3" cut off the length of the hair, so she was feeling extra pretty the day we took these photos. We've had a lot of trials with this one lately, and it is so good to see joy on her face. I have ended many days emotional spent, but I know God is working on us and for our good. 

Tandy jumped in for a few super sweet flower photos too. 

I love having my favorite girls in my favorite Texas setting! 

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