Fox Birthday Dress

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I have been showing a few peeks of our party planning for Tandy's birthday this weekend over on Instagram. Today, I thought I would show you her dress, and how the whole theme originated. 

Tandy's party request is a fox party. We brainstormed a bit, as much as you can with an almost 5 year old, and came up with a "Crafty Like a Fox" theme. 

The fox idea originally stemmed from this Modkid Maya dress I made back in May for an updated pattern cover and sample for quilt market. It was then that Tandy declared that she wanted a fox birthday.

Beyond that, I think the foxes resonated with her because of her love of our friend's dog, Kit, otherwise known as the fox dog. 

I originally only had photos of Tandy and Avery together in their Maya dresses, so it was another good excuse to get birthday photos. I posted Avery's version of the Maya here and another one here. Can you tell we like it?!? These fabrics are all Acorn Valley knits by Riley Blake. 

I ordered the fox socks from Amazon after seeing some from Rachel of Stitched Together. Yep, we are on fox overload around here. 

Tandy brings smiles wherever she roams. I am excited to celebrate her this weekend!! Watch for the party post next week!!
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