Modkid Wren

Friday, August 18, 2017

I'm very excited to tell you about the Modkid Wren that released today. The Wren dress was sort of a collaboration between Patty and I. I drafted the tank dress in Tandy's size, and Patty worked up the crop top. After a couple of tweaks, Patty graded all of the sizes and illustrated the pattern instructions I had formulated. It's fun to be able to work as a team this way! Of course, Patty does all of the heavy lifting. ;)

Let's talk more details about the Wren. The pattern features a layered look with a tank dress and crop top. Combining knit and woven fabrics gives you opportunity to play around with many fabric options.

The crop top has a wide boat neck, so the tank straps can peak out for a fun contrast. The topstitching and button make for interesting accents.

The tank dress is Tandy's absolute favorite style to wear! I should make a zillion of these!

The knit bodice adds to the comfort. The skirt seam is reinforced with clear elastic to make sure the construction lasts for the long haul.

For those of you that need sleeves to make the look dress code compliant, the crop top makes the perfect solution!! Don't limit yourself to only pairing these together either. The crop top will look equally cute over a tank with jeans or shorts. Don't be afraid to let those cute toddler belly peak out either!
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