Tandy's Bake Shop Birthday

Monday, November 6, 2017

Tandy's birthday party was a couple of weeks ago, but this time I have a really good excuse as to why it has taken me so long to post. My computer crashed the day after the party, and it has been quite a process to get things up and running again on a new computer. 

This was my first time hosting a party at a location other than our home. We really had the perfect space when we were in Mississippi, and I was struggling with a vision here. When Tandy said she wanted a bake shop party where she was able to decorate cookies, I went on a hunt for alternate locations. There were actually so many to choose from! When I walked into Baked by Amy's, I loved the slightly vintage charm and great light in the place. Other than a fiasco with them double booking our time slot and forcing us to switch our party time, the location was great.  

The bakery provided two cookies and two cupcakes for each party goer to decorate. We had a pastry artist assigned to our party that instructed the kids on filling icing pouches and decorating techniques. 

How cute is their chalk wall?!?

The bakery was cute in and of itself, so my decorating was minimal. We decided to go with a sprinkle theme since Tandy is apt to put sprinkles on anything she can. Pancakes taste so much better with sprinkles!!

The cake topper and the letter "T" above I found in the clearance section at Michael's. They were each less than a dollar. The best method I found to adhere the sprinkles was to paint the surface with modpodge and pour on the sprinkles. 

I wasn't able to bring in any sweet treats to the bakery, but I could bring in some finger snacks. Pintrest lead me to an Australian treat known as fairy bread. All it entails is white bread spread with butter and doused with sprinkles. I must admit that there is something magical that happens with this combination that earns it the name. It's delicious!!

We threw in some fruit for a healthy option.

Then, applied our last bit of sprinkles to popcorn coated with almond bark.

Mini jars of sprinkles went home with each attendee tagged with "You are the sprinkles on my cupcake". I found the printable tags here.

These sprinkles slap bracelets from Hobby Lobby were too perfect not to include. 

Tandy was so excited for her special day. With the number of photos in this post, I'll save her dress details for the next post.

Opposite the pretty chalk wall was another chalk wall for the kids to decorate. Avery took this job very seriously!

Prior to cupcake decorating, the kids personalized chefs hats. 

Tandy was with me at Joann's when I was hunting down stickers everyone could use. She spotted the sprinkles ones right away when I completely glanced over them. She is as good at coordinating a party theme as I am! 

 Such a fun group of cousins!

With Tandy, more was more whether that was icing or sprinkles.

The birthday girl was also given the opportunity to ice and decorate her own birthday cake.

It was so fun to watch her work!

Remember what I said earlier about the sprinkles?! This girl knew exactly what she wanted!!

We indulged in the cake and packaged up the other goodies to go home with the new pastry artists. Sugary fun was had by all!

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