Toaster Sweater

Monday, March 26, 2018

I may have made this Toaster Sweater a bit too late in the season, but I'm going to be so glad I have it in my closet for next year!! This top is just my style, and I wanted to show it off worn casually and a bit more dressed up. For a casual day, I wore it with my favorite jeans and some low booties. (Many thanks to Melissa Mora for the casual photos and my hubby for the dressed up option.) 

The fabric for this Toaster Sweater is Ponte Knit from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. This is a nice thick knit with great stretch and recovery. I like the structure it gave this top, but I think the pattern would work wonderfully in less structured knits as well. 

For a dressier look, I switched out the jeans for black pants, put on bright lipstick (Revlon Matte in Passion), more dramatic earrings, and high heeled black booties. 

The Toaster Sweater has two different options. This is Toaster Sweater #1 with a long waistband and arm cuff. Love that cuff detail! The pattern is intended to be a bit cropped, but I added 4" in length to suite my preference. Since the bodice is straight, the result is a fitted band at my hips. If you plan to lengthen the pattern, make sure you will still have enough width in the hips before you begin.

The turtleneck is neither high nor tight fitting. 

I do still have Toaster #2 to make, so we'll see if I get to it when it's more seasonably appropriate or not.

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