Modkid Brynn with Double Piping

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

I was completely inspired when I spotted this post in my Instagram feed from Coffee & Thread. Daisy of the Molemieke Blog used double piping for the collar of the Nina Blouse. Mind blown!!! I went on a hunt for a tutorial and couldn't wait for my first application. The Modkid Brynn was released at the perfect time!

This is what I love about the evolution of sewing blogs. Once inspired, we can pass along the inspiration through our own application. The goal I have always longed to achieve with my blog is inspiring creativity in others. Thank you to the many who post and write that inspire me!

The double piping really makes the lines of this Brynn Top pop. I used the double piping tutorial from the Martha Pullen site and shared a few application pointers on the Modkid Blog. Do keep in mind that the double piping creates very thick seams. I broke two serger needles if you need proof!

Swapping the ruffle for piping streamlines the look. A little variation can go a long way!

As Avery and I headed out to walk to another spot for photos, she stopped in the corner of our front yard to taste a bit of honeysuckle nectar. I started snapping photos and voila our photo shoot was done. My husband and I both have fond memories of sampling the nectar when we were kids. Watching our children do the same instantly takes me back. Do you have a particular scene that seems to transport you?

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