Plaid Modkid Aubrey

Friday, December 21, 2018

Lately, once I've sewn something for myself, I follow up with something for my kids to use up the scraps. Since my serger and coverlock machines are already threaded in the coordinating colors, the process removes the need for that extra step of re-threading. The Modkid Aubrey has pretty slim pattern pieces, so this pattern works well for left over fabric. You can see my top from the same fabric here

I originally envisioned turning the plaid fabric on the bias for the side panels as I did for this Aubrey Dress. The pattern placement just wouldn't work with the scraps I had left, so I opted to use the reverse side of the fabric for contrast. I have to admit, I had to unpick one of those serged long curved seams, because I confused myself with right and wrong sides together. That one downfall was better than trying to align plaids across those curved seams if I didn't go with the contrast.

Apparently, I've made Modkid Aubrey dresses a Christmas tradition. Here are the versions from the last two years: 2016 & 2017.

I love a good dropped shoulder! The Aubrey dress one of those comfortable styles we turn to again and again.

Merry Christmas!!
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