Toaster Sweater #2 Tunic

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Toaster Sweater fever is still going strong! As I said in my last Toaster post, I am excited to play along with Toaster Tuesdays on Instagram whenever I can.

Can you believe how different this Toaster Sweater #2 and that previous top look? The only difference is the weight of the fabric and the length. I've added 6.5" to the original pattern to achieve a more tunic length. The fabric is a light weight french terry that feels almost like a sweater knit. The drape is so nice.

The result is a cozy yet polished look. This fabric works great for the holidays without screaming Christmas, so I can wear it long after. I wish I could source the fabric for you, but this piece came from a shopping trip to the Dallas fabric warehouses. I'm so thankful Melissa Mora, of Blank Slate Patterns (affiliate link), introduced me to this spot. She has an entire post about Dallas Fabric Warehouse Shopping if you find yourself in the area. This piece was buried in a $2/yard remnant table. Score!

For my first Toaster Sweater #2, I used this seam tape trick to prevent any rolling of the facings. For this version, I only attached a 1.5" piece at the center front and center back. I felt like getting the full length to align properly was a bit tricky. The shorter piece holds the facing in place and is much easier to apply. 

Those side vents and mitered corners make my sewist heart so happy.

I don't think I could pick a favorite Toaster sweater if I had too! Will you be joining us for #ToasterTuesday?
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