Chalk and Notch Fringe Dress

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

I don't tend to leave UFOs (unfinished objects) lying around my sewing room, but for some reason this Chalk and Notch Fringe Dress sat for a while. I actually did a quick muslin and cut out the pattern in the fall, and the #sewthatpatternnow promp on Instagram was just what I needed to finish it. The weather has turned pleasant here in Texas, so the timing is just right.

The fit adjustments I made for the Fringe Dress were pretty minor. I added 1/2" in length to the bodice and 1.5" in length to the skirt. I also reduce the curve of the hemline on the skirt by 1 3/4" to have a slightly less dramatic shape. The addition of length to the skirt resulted in the intended look, but I actually like my dresses a bit shorter. So, after adding that length initially, I ended up removing 3" overall from the skirt hem.

I also dropped the point of the dart 1/2" to accommodate my lower bust apex. I could probably drop it a tad more too. The Fringe Dress was recently re-released with more sizes and includes cup sizing, so it is a great time to give the pattern a try!

The combination of the Robert Kaufman Herringbone Chambray fabric, vintage buttons, and red accessories lends a bit of a nautical vibe to the dress.

Having projects half done lying around makes me a bit uncomfortable. I tend to work on one thing at a time until it is complete. Having this little pile cleared out of my sewing room and made into something I can wear feels pretty good.
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