Striped Modked Shelby Peplum

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Playing with stripes is satisfying and frustrating at the same time! The keys are lots of pins and patience! The Modkid Shelby is the perfect place to start since the bodice already has a center seam in place. The v neckline works well with the direction of the stripes also.

The stripes are not exactly uniform on this cotton lycra print. That and the curved of the skirt pattern pieces led to the stripes not perfectly aligned along the waist seam. There is enough illusion there to get the desired effect though. 

The Modkid Shelby is a dress pattern with an a-line skirt. Placing pattern pieces on the bias hogs fabric, so I opted for a peplum look by cutting the skirt at the desired length ~ 9". Create the center skirt seam by not cutting the pattern piece on the fold and adding in a seam allowance along the center seam. I cut the skirt pieces on the bias front and back, but kept the back bodice on the straight grain.

This was one of those photoshoots that the girl, the light, and my camera (or the operator?) did not want to cooperate. So, 3 cheers for a few acceptable shots and a finished session!
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