Paola Turtleneck and Arielle Skirt

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

As soon as I made my first Paola Turtleneck, I knew this would be one of those TNT patterns that I would return to over and over. I guess one more can't be considered over and over yet, but I'm still convinced there will be more. You can't go wrong with a classic turtleneck in black.

I've paired the Paola Turtleneck Tee by Named Clothing with the Arielle Skirt by Tilly and the Buttons. We've had quite the debate over on Instagram about the best look for me, tucked or untucked.

Come join in the conversation! Fit adjustments I made for the Paola include adding 1.5" in length to the bodice and 1" in length to the sleeves. Plus a shoulder adjustment I will mention below.

It’s funny how seemingly simple projects can take longer than you think. The Arielle skirt is a simple project, but including the full lining (this is wool after all) and hand stitching the hem added a little extra. I'm so pleased with the finishes though. Other than thread, this skirt is made from entirely vintage materials from my great aunt, including the lining, wool, and buttons. This is the size 4 (Euro sizing I guess) skirt with the shorter length graded out a bit at the waist for my more rectangle shape. I didn't add any length to the skirt for my 5'-9" height, because I like the shorter look and knew I would primarily wear this with tights.
A narrow shoulder adjustment is not something I typically need with patterns, but I noticed the shoulder seam sitting wide on my first grey Paola Turtleneck. As you can see, I acheived a much better fit after a 1/2" narrow shoulder adjustment following the tutorial at Melly Sews. It is a slow process, but I am gradually learning a few things to look for to access the fit of garments I make.
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