Crushed Velvet for the Holidays

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Velvet was the fabric of choice for holiday looks again this year. After last year's velvet dresses, I mixed things up with this pretty teal blue crushed velvet from Joann Fabrics. 

I really couldn't get another Chalk and Notch Waterfall Raglan dress in velvet out of my mind. Don't mess with perfection! 

Sewing for my tween is getting increasingly more difficult as you can imagine. One minute she loves something and the next it's horrible. And, if she gets too many compliments she starts feeling like she is standing out which is worse! Finding modeled inspiration on Pinterest usually helps to get her on board with some looks.

It is getting harder to find ready to wear pants to fit her long slender size. When the Made It Slow Pants came out for teens, I knew this pattern would be a style we would both agree on. 

I blended between the smallest size in width and a couple sizes up in length to arrive at a just right fit for Avery. The ability to sew completely different looks that resemble each of my daughter's individual style will keep me sewing for them as long as they let me!

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