Horse Riding Birthday Party

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Tandy has only been horseback riding for a couple of months now, so as soon as I mentioned the possibility of a horse riding birthday party, she was all in. I have a few mementos from my horse riding days, but my sister supplied most of the horse figures she has collected for her annual Derby party. My Silhouette Cameo came in handy for creating cupcake toppers, labels, number nine, and the paper backdrop ribbons.

Orchestrating a party during this COVID season provided some challenges, but we took precautions and forged ahead. The guest list was small, and the party room was not an option. We fought the flies outside, but the weather ended up perfect.

After 30 minutes of riding, the party goers thanked their horse with homemade horse treats.

The hungry riders had snack options of trail mix and "horse feed". We were sure to use packaged food to keep germs at bay. Snack size carrot stick packs and apples with caramel dip provided a little sustenance, although not a single kiddo opted for carrots with the other options.

Sweet treats included horseshoe sugar cookies complete with sparkling gold luster dust and chocolate/vanilla cupcakes. If you've been around our parties at all, you know this is serious restraint on the sweet stuff for my part.

The watering hole provided bottled water or Capri-suns for kids and hard apple cider for any adults who stuck around.

The center piece for the activity table brought together more of our favorite things. The stencil letters that spell Tandy have made an appearance at her parties for years. I simply switch out the cardstock backing to suit the party color scheme. Most of the horseshoes used throughout were picked up over the years at my family's ranch. As an added bonus, the horseshoes weighed down our colorful bandanas that wanted to blow in the breeze.

My aqua IKEA cart made another appearance at the party too. A sweet friend painted the horse color-by-number for me years ago.

The cart housed our horse party favors including personalized water bottles with a few caramel apple candies inside, pony hair ties, and a color changing crazy straw.

The bottom shelf held our party activates that included horse themed bingo and coloring bandanas. 

The idea to use fabric markers to personalize bandanas was the birthday girl's idea. I see a future party planner in the making.

Of course the horse riding was the highlight of the party. Tandy has become quite attached to Maya who had helped train her from the very first day. Maya made sure to have Tandy's favorite horse, Lucy, available to ride. 

The latest party almost always seams like the most fun, but this one will certainly remain toward the top of the list.  

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