Modkid Wren

Friday, August 18, 2017

I'm very excited to tell you about the Modkid Wren that released today. The Wren dress was sort of a collaboration between Patty and I. I drafted the tank dress in Tandy's size, and Patty worked up the crop top. After a couple of tweaks, Patty graded all of the sizes and illustrated the pattern instructions I had formulated. It's fun to be able to work as a team this way! Of course, Patty does all of the heavy lifting. ;)

Here is some good news: The 40% promotional coupon code WREN2017 is valid for your ENTIRE purchase on our Etsy store. It will expire at noon CST tomorrow, Saturday, August 19.

Let's talk more details about the Wren. The pattern features a layered look with a tank dress and crop top. Combining knit and woven fabrics gives you opportunity to play around with many fabric options.

The crop top has a wide boat neck, so the tank straps can peak out for a fun contrast. The topstitching and button make for interesting accents.

The tank dress is Tandy's absolute favorite style to wear! I should make a zillion of these!

The knit bodice adds to the comfort. The skirt seam is reinforced with clear elastic to make sure the construction lasts for the long haul.

For those of you that need sleeves to make the look dress code compliant, the crop top makes the perfect solution!! Don't limit yourself to only pairing these together either. The crop top will look equally cute over a tank with jeans or shorts. Don't be afraid to let those cute toddler belly peak out either!

Chambray Linville Dress

Thursday, August 17, 2017

I noticed the last time Avery wore her original Linville Dress it was getting a tad small, so a new one was in order.

A chambray dress is a staple wardrobe piece! I decided to flip the direction of the bias binding to the outside for a fun contrast.There was just enough bias binding left over to use for a tie at the front.

Using the skinny bias on this pattern makes for such a clean finish. 

Of course, the curved pockets are the perfect touch. 

The single button closure allows me to pick from my extensive vintage button collection. I don't have as many buttons with mates, so it's nice to use up those singles. 

Now that summer is over, I hope to be a bit more regular with posting, but no promises. K? I do have a few exciting things on the calendar, so those guarantee it won't be complete radio silence around here!

Fierce Like Frida + Skirt

Friday, July 28, 2017

Ever since reading Who Was Frida Kahlo, Avery has been crazy about Frida. Avery loved the story of how a car accident lead to turning her art hobby into a profession. Frida's eccentric art and interesting blue house intrigued her. I can certainly get behind an interest in a strong historic female!

When I purchased Dana Willard's Fiesta Fun fabrics, I knew they would be a perfect match for the Wee Rascal's Fierce Like Frida tee. It just doesn't get much better!

I used the free Purl Soho Gathered Skirt tutorial. I'm a fan of the construction of those side pockets. I love how they are just deep enough, but don't add bulk to the hem. 

Avery really enjoyed most of the "Who Was..." book series about women, but didn't show an interest in most of the men. Please pass on any other historic series you might recommend! We've been hitting the library 1 to 2 times per week lately. Not every book gets read in between visits, but I love to fuel their passion for stories, and keep a stock of books on hand.

The ladies behind Wee Rascals are my friends, but they didn't pay me to say I love their goods. We are just true fans! Check out the other tees we've purchased here and here.

The BFG Birthday Party

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The year Avery's birthday party was more like a small gathering, yet we wanted to make it special. She has read The BFG by Roald Dahl at least twice, and we had a special date to the see the movie when it came out in theaters. One day we mentioned how fun/funny it would be to have a BFG party, and the idea stuck.

If you have seen or read The BFG, you know that the Big Friendly Giant mixes up words and sayings in a most endearing way. We did our best to highlight some favorites. 

As I said, this gathering was a bit pared down from our usual parties. Since we included watching the movie as part of the party, we served popcorn, cake, cookies, and a tasty beverage. 

The cake was fun to make! It wasn't one I would make again for flavor, but it received the desired affect from Avery. The tricky part was that the book version of a snozzcumber varied a bit from the movie version. We leaned toward the movie version, because I wasn't really game for a black cake. 

If you wanted to duplicate this cake, I used the Jelly Roll recipe from Martha Stewart, but filled it with strawberry jelly and buttercream. For the the frosting, I tried the Marshmallow Frosting from Sweetapolita

At this point, sugar cookies have become a tradition at our parties. Avery actually came up with the idea to reuse the mason jar cutter from her Chasing Fireflies party. If you are not familiar with the story, the BFG collects and distributes dreams. He and Sofie catch a special dream that he saves just for her. 

Frobscottle is another funny drink depicted in the book. We used this tasty recipe idea. 

I had two activities planned, but we ran out of time for the second one. Since the BFG's job is to catch dreams, we made our own dream catchers. 

Avery and I pre-made some felt hearts and pom-poms to speed things along. 

I can't believe we have a nine year old!! 

Modkid Coco Island Romper

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Modkid Coco Island Romper and Dress released last week, and it happens to be just perfect for this summer heat. The pattern can be made in a dress or romper. I've made up the slit back, but the pattern also provides a halter version. That's at least 4 different combinations!! 

The most time consuming part of this pattern is the bias binding, but even that can be simplified. I love Mie's method for attaching the armscye binding, because it eliminates pressing the bias in advance and reduces pressing for the whole process. I wasn't able to use this method for the neckband since it helps to have the binding pressed when stitching the open sections. 

The back slit opening is a fun feature without being too revealing. I'm guessing it provides a little extra breathing room in this Texas heat too! The main fabric I used is Jennifer Paganelli's Beauty Queen line. If you look close, I actually had great success with my print matching at the seams this time around.

Avery is rarely this smiley for our photo shoots, so I had to include a few extra gems. What are your favorite summer sews?

Shorts and Roller Skates

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Avery just turned NINE years old!! She has been wanting roller skates for a while now, and she finally received a pair for her birthday. Now she only takes them off when she sleeps and showers! 

Nine is a hard age to grasp. I mean, she's halfway out of the house!! Yikes! Avery is kind, tough, creative, and determined. She's going to do great things in this world!

This top is a Japanese Sewing Book pattern. You can see the cover in this Instagram post. The construction is rather interesting. The bias that creates the straps continues down to cover the seam allowance of the curved bodice insert. I couldn't get this spot to lay as flat as I would have liked, but I do like the look of the ruffle sleeves. I ended up adding quite a bit of length to the pattern, so keep that in mind if you sew one up.

I paired the top with Oliver + S class picnic shorts. The fabric is from my great aunt's stash. It's maybe a tad bit thicker than a quilting cotton, but not so thick as a twill or denim. It looked like my aunt was in the process, at some point, of making a skirt or taking apart a skirt with it. Hard to tell which! 

I love the construction of these shorts!! I am trying to figure out the sizing though. She measures a 5 for the waist and a 10 for the length. I went with a straight size 7 to see where things would end up. I really like the fit, but for these to work for school next year, they would need to be longer. I haven't found a tutorial for lengthening this pattern yet, and the facings make it a bit tricky. I'm going to try to give it a go though. 

So far, year nine is the year of the roller skates! Hopefully it will cruise on by without too many bumps in the road! ;)

Modkid Leilani

Friday, May 12, 2017

This may be Avery's favorite pattern to date!! The pattern is the Modkid Leilani. It comes with 3 versions to make, harem romper, swing dress, or swing top. Not only that, but it comes in two size ranges: girls (2T-8/9) and tween/teen (10-18). You can even buy them as a bundle! Sale details at the end of the post!


The swing dress and romper include side seam pockets.

The bindings at the neck and arm come together to form a unique double strap at the shoulder. 

I wasn't kidding that Avery loves this look!! With the fun style and comfort, it is easy to see why!

I just love this picture. Not for any great photography magic, but because it shows those early tan lines from hours at swim team practice and the band-aid on her elbow from her recent bike crash. Basically, it shows a few details of Avery's life as an 8 year old.

Since she loved the first one so much, I made another. However, I didn't pay attention to the stretch in my fabric. This one doesn't slide up over her arms. She can maneuver her way into it, but that won't work for everyday wear. The great thing is I should be able to cut off the romper seam to turn it into the swing dress. All good!

Pattern Sale Details: Coupon Code LEILANI2017 gets 40% off your entire order on the MODKID Etsy store. That means you can buy this and any other pattern for 40% off. And it also means this pattern is only $5.99 for 24 hours (the code will expire exactly 24 hrs after the pattern releases). 

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