Sew 'N Style with Lil Luxe

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The joy I felt while creating my Sew ‘N Style Lil Luxe collection is only surpassed by the excitement of rolling it out today!  This has truly been a labor of love and each piece was a thrill to create.  But the culmination of the project, as each part found its place in the whole, brought the greatest satisfaction.  The goal of creating a 3-piece collection with our little fashionistas involved in the process demanded thoughtful planning in advance.  You can read more of the idea behind the series here.

These are the three looks I've created using Lil Luxe patterns as well as parts from a couple other designers. Each look includes one Lil Luxe pattern. I previously posted my mood board for inspiration and color. I was targeting a bohemian or Aztec look, and I knew my daughter would love working with me on some of the accessories. We'll call this collection Aesthetically Aztec!! I selected the fabrics I would use from my stash, and Avery helped pick which fabrics were used where. Let's get to the details!! (This post is so photo heavy; apologies in advance for any slow loading times!)

For the first look, I focused on angles and textures. The peaks on the Lil Luxe Haute Skort are such a great design detail. The peplum of the top gives just the right softness.

I used a gray corduroy from Hobby Lobby for the skort. All of the lining, pockets, and shorts pieces are made out of gray cotton to reduce bulk. The only other construction change I made to the pattern was in the waistband since I did not use buttonhole elastic.

For the peplum top, I mashed up two patterns. I wanted the flounce style peplum of the Lily Giggle Cecille Top combined with the more structured cuff sleeve of the Modkid Lexi peplum. I used the stripe for the back of the top, and the solid for the front, since the solid is a thicker, sturdier knit to handle the braid addition.

A Zara top inspired the lopsided braided bow. I love that texture! I simply braided strips of knit fabric and sewed the ends together. It is attached to the shirt with a combination of fabric glue and hand stitches.

Avery and I created the dream catcher from items we already had which makes it even more special. The hoop is a bamboo bag handle from my Grandmother's sewing supplies. The lace and doily are from my other Grandmother's vintage handmade collection. The feather was salvaged from my Dad's hunting adventures.


The Modkid Cassidy dungaree dress was going through testing just in time for me to include it in my collection. I thought it was a fun look for this Aztec print corduroy from Hobby Lobby. I was pulling out my hair pattern matching though!! The center seam made it tricky, but the worst part was that the print didn't line up vertically anyway.

I had never worked with dungaree buckles and buttons before and had fun with these unique notions.

The back was a perfect place to feature the Lil Luxe Allie Cat Romper as a top. The low back makes a unique layering piece as opposed to a standard tee. I basically used Jessica's revisions for her cropped top, and added length. 

We've come to my final and possibly favorite look of the collection. The Modkid Tandy top is a crowd favorite around here with its flowy, easy style.

Again, Avery and I worked on her hair accessory together. She picked out the beads and feathers we added to the braided leather straps.

The pants are Lil Luxe Slim Trousers in some unknown stretch material I found in the clearance section at Joann's a while ago. I LOVE the zipper detail at the ankle. Many thanks to my hubby for tediously shortening the metal zippers for me! I had a little trouble with the installation of the zippers, so they may not be the prettiest, but I do love them. I switched out the 2" elastic at the waistline for two rows of 3/4" elastic.

I also wanted to show you ways these looks could mix and match which truly makes it a collection to me. I couldn't afford to pay my model any more (I ran out of popsicles!), so you'll have to get the idea through the collages.

As modeled:

Swap the tops:

Wear the under layer as a top with either bottom:

That's a wrap for my Aesthetically Aztec Mini Collection!

Read more about the Sew ’n Style Series and visit the contest page with Link up where we have contest prizes totaling over $350 from our gracious sponsors.

Modkid Cassidy

Monday, August 17, 2015

Modkid is releasing a new pattern today and it's on sale!! The Cassidy dress is the cutest casual dungaree style dress complete with all the notions that make it unique. I love this layered for fall with a long-sleeve tee and a tank top for summer. Check out the end of the post for the sale details.

We think it is particularly perfect for back to school!! Bottom weight fabrics are recommended for the Cassidy pattern. Here, I've used Patty Young's Vivid Canvas in Navy and a yellow stretch twill. There is a center seam on the skirt portion that can really pop if you use contrasting topstitching.

You can purchase the Modkid Cassidy pattern in the Etsy Shop or Craftsy Shop for $5.00 until 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, August 17th. After that time the pattern will go to it's regular price of $9.99. 

Sew 'N Style Lil Luxe Inspiration Board

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I signed on for something I have never really tried to do before. I am going to be a part of the Lil Luxe Sew 'N Style girls wardrobe series. Basically, the idea is to sew up a mini collection of 3 coordinated looks with at least half of the patterns used being Lil Luxe patterns. Please read the intro post over at Lil Luxe, because she explains it so much better! Plus you can get involved too!!

I'm busy sewing up the pieces, so in the meantime, I thought I would show you a little of my inspiration. In my last post, I told you about my love for the recent aztec trend. Continuing in that same vein, I put together a mood board that I hope with come together in my three looks.

Tribal Desert Rose

Thursday, August 6, 2015

When I made my first Caila Made Desert Rose Dress during testing, I knew there would be more. I just can't believe it took me exactly a year to repeat it!! 

The skirt fabric on this dress is from the Natural Wonder collection by Josephine Kimberling. I was drawn to this geometric print with its tribal style.

What better place to photograph this natural wonder dress than in the rustic setting of my parent's ranch! As we wandered over to the area where we were going to take photos, I expressed the wish for feathers to use in photos. Avery was delighted to remind me of the little collection my parents still had in their old cabin. They only show in the photo above, but she was more than a little tickled to pose with her feathers!

I still love the perfect scoop of this neckline!

How is it that this flowy, easy style of dress looks so perfect on a child, but would look ridiculous on me?!? Yes, I'm a bit jealous!

I'm trying to channel a bit of the bohemian / Aztec trend in some of my sewing, so watch for more to come!

Modkid Harper and Watermelon

Monday, July 27, 2015

Random title, I know. Those two things have nothing in common other than I took these photos at my parents ranch, and I can't help but share them all!

I had a little fun with the Modkid Harper pattern, and created this open back style after finding inspiration here and here. I posted a tutorial for you to create your own open back Harper Dress on the Modkid blog.

Oh how I love the backdrops I can find at the ranch!! Why, yes that is the old cattle shoot.

The fabrics are from Joann's. I had originally wanted to do this in solids, but the best peach I could find was this one with metallic silver dots. It worked out even prettier than I expected.

The Harper pattern was perfect to create the open back, because I was still able to use the side panels giving plenty of coverage.

What is it about watermelon that consistently makes me want to grab my camera?!? Maybe it was just the fact that Tandy was eating watermelon while wearing a watermelon dress.

Maybe it is all the wonderful memories of childhood that watermelon evokes, even the competitive seed spitting contests!!

When I was editing these photos, I think I came to the conclusion that it's just impossible to eat a slice of watermelon without a smile!!

The kind that melts your heart.

So, what is it that triggers you to reach for the camera? Is there a food association? Activity? Expression? Just feeling a bit curious today.

Navarre, Fl 2015

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I just returned from our second summer trip, but I haven't even blogged our first one! I hesitate to blog our family vacations, because it may be completely boring to most of you. This little blog is somewhat of a record for us, so I like to include it. There is a bit of a sewing related item toward the end in case you haven't seen it yet. 

For those that want to bear with me, here are some photos of our trip to Navarre, Fl.

This little one loved the edge of the water. She would venture out further with us, but saltwater in her eyes usually sent her back.

Dancing in those waves was pure delight!

Avery was our adventurer. By the end of the week she was trying to haul the other kids around in the Explorer 200!

She and Todd were also on a mission to find the best shells.

Awkward photo coming right up!

My sister-in-law captured the next few photos that I am so grateful for.

The dress in the photo above is the Modkid Harper sewn up in Patty Young's latest line, Pura Vida, for Joann's. You may have seen it as part of the sew-along I hosted on the Modkid blog.

That's a wrap. We were actually there with Todd side of the family, but I'll keep all of those photos for the family albums!

If my sewing ever gets too quiet around here, be sure to check in on the Modkid blog. Fun things are usually happening!

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