Modkid Charlotte

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I have finally reached the end of my backlogged sewn items to blog!! There are new things in the works slowly but surely, but I can't post them quite yet. 

Avery wore the Modkid Charlotte in the photo above back in 2015 for a school Prairie Day. We had loaned it out to a friend for a while. Soon after getting it back, Avery came downstairs in tears while wearing the dress. She had left the ties handing down. When she kneeled down to pick something up, she stepped on a tie and ripped the dress. It turned out she considered this her favorite dress. I assured her I could make her another Charlotte dress, and we promptly started picking out fabric.

When she noticed this poplin from Mabel Madison, I commented that I couldn't decide if I like the wrong side or the right side of the fabric more. I had always like the chambray look of the wrong side. Avery suggested using both!

The bottom ruffle, tie and cuffs feature the right side of the fabric, and the bodice, skirt and sleeves feature the wrong side. The poplin was perfect for this dress. I love that it wrinkles so much less than quilting cotton after wash and wear. 

I actually made Avery the same size as the original dress, but lengthened the skirt a bit. It falls at a different spot, but the bodice and sleeves are a great fit. She just keeps getting taller!!

Now to decide if I salvage the original dress by making it a skirt or patch the bodice. I'm thinking it might make a cute midi-skirt!

Khaki Corduroy Wide Leg Pants

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I'm still here plugging away at unpacking boxes, but I made some time for sewing. It isn't elaborate or even very pretty, but the necessity arose. Honestly, I needed the excuse, and I knew these would be fast. 

If you remember at the beginning of the school year, I was Sewing for Kindergarten for Tandy. Well, she was actually entering Kindergarten early based on the cut off date for her October birthday. When we moved, our original plan was to keep her home for the short remainder of the year, and start her in Kinder again in the fall. Last week we suddenly changed course, and enrolled her in 3 day a week pre-K at a Christian school. Thankfully they are already reading as well, so it is a great fit.

Mondays are chapel days and the only days that require a uniform. The simple uniform consists of a navy polo and khaki bottoms. Since we signed up for school on Friday, we needed bottoms ASAP. This was one instance when sewing would be faster than shopping. Not that I mind shopping!!

I already had the pattern for the wide leg pants from Happy Homemade: Sew Chic Kids traced out from the original denim pair I made for the Sewing for Kindergarten series. I love the easy style of these pants, and the khaki corduroy from my aunt's stash was meant to be. I promise there will be much more interesting sewing to come, but for now it feels good to accomplish something and meet a need.   

Tiny Dress in Blue

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I won a pattern of my choice from Straight Grain Patterns last March. I had until the new year to choose a pattern, and it was so hard that I waited until the last minute! I primarily deliberated between the Ishi, Berlin, and Tinny patterns. The Laure wasn't out yet!!

I made this dress a couple of weeks before our big move, no new sewing has taken place just yet unfortunately. Anyone care to come unpack boxes for me?!?

This Tinny dress is perfectly suited for Tandy. The twirl in the circle skirt is every little girl's dream!

The crisp butterfly collar sets this dress apart! There are eight collar options not to mention several sleeve and skirt options, so it would take a while to tire of making this dress. 

I was thrilled to finally use my Amy Sinibaldi Paperie fabric. This is one of those fabrics I use over and over again.

She's a big fan of this one! This cap sleeve bodice comes together pretty quick. I'll skip setting in a sleeve when I can!

 I really need to sew a bunch of these dresses to work on my invisible zipper technique. I flipped this one the first time through. Time to brush up on those skills!

Marlene for Two

Thursday, February 16, 2017

There's a new knit top pattern just waiting for you to sew it up. The great part is that it is lightening quick to sew!!

The Marlene, and Miss Marlene in women's sizing, is not technically new, but it has recently been translated from German to English. It is newly available in the Naeh Connection shop

If you are thinking it is just another basic tee, here is the detail you don't want to miss!! Check out that cute little shoulder accent! I love the little pop it gives!

Sorry, I couldn't resist sharing a few too many photos of this one. I didn't think this photo shoot was going particularly well, but I was pleasantly surprised by the results. There's a quick lesson in there about not judging a shot by the camera's LCD display I'm sure. 

The neckline is sort of a squared off boat-neck shape which is easy to sew since you basically fold and stitch. No binding!!

The above top was originally intended for Avery. The fabric I used just didn't have enough stretch for this top. The pattern mentions jersey, but does not provide a stretch gauge. I would recommend at least 40-50%. It fit Avery pretty well across the chest, since I went by those measurements, but the shoulder and underarm were just not going to work. Thankfully, a quick shortening of the sleeves made it perfect for my youngest. 

Since the pattern sews up so quickly, I sized up and used more suitable knit for Avery. 

She loved the bright colors and print of this older line of Patty Young knit for Michael Miller. 

I used the newer Vivid Knit for the shoulder accent piece. 

So, if you are looking for a not so basic tee that is a quick sew, head on over the Naeh Connection and snatch up the Marlene and the Miss Marlene.

Modkid Annalise Vest

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

There is a new Modkid pattern in the house with a super unique style. I sewed up the vest version of the Modkid Annalise. VEST, you say!?! Yes, this style opens up all the way down for a perfect layering piece. The pattern also includes a summery top version. 

I feel like I need to preface this post with a tiny disclaimer. This particular vest was sewn as a pre-test. Those with a keen sewing eye may notice a few fit issues, but I'm happy to report those have been resolved!! This is why we pre-test and then test some more. Take a look at the Etsy listing for all of the pretty tester photos after the fit was tweaked!

The profile is my favorite part. I love the high/low hem with the dip toward the front! The fabric is Primavera Tile in Teal.

My other favorite part is the opportunity for pretty trims. I think the addition of lace adds a boho vibe to the look. I was able to use some of my vintage eyelet trims for the pattern. Up until this point, I didn't have a vision for what to do with this trim with the slits for threading ribbon through. I struggled with colored or cream ribbon here, but the cream toned the look down after the pop of the bright green snaps.

There is a coupon code for the next 24 hours: coupon code ANNALISE2017 gets 40% off your entire purchase on the Etsy store. That makes this and any other full-price pattern only $5.99! Sale expires tomorrow, Feb. 14th at 7 p.m. EST. Happy Valentines Day!!

Modkid Hailey LBD

Monday, February 6, 2017

I started with this idea of creating a little black dress for Avery unsure of how she would handle a photo session with changing out clothes and accessories. Avery jumped on the idea and declared this black Modkid Hailey her new favorite dress!

The Modkid Hailey has a great shape with the V-neck and dropped shoulder. The shirring under the bodice gives it even more shaping. 

I had started putting together a sew-along for this dress, but it turns out black is not the way to go for a tutorial. I did want to show you the cool texture of this vintage woven fabric. I have no idea what it might be. It is almost spongy to the touch, but it doesn't have any stretch and not much drape.

I pulled out a few of Avery's favorite ways to style this Hailey for a closer look. Boots, always boots! The denim shirt worked great under or over the dress. 

Since the Hailey is such a quick sew, it works great as a cover up. I think a gauze version would be excellent for summer. 

There is something so classic about this look. In fact, I'm tempted to sew up the Hailey Misses for the very same look! The Hailey patterns now come as a bundle if you need some in your life too. 

This was one of those times that Avery gave me the best hug thanking me for her dress. It doesn't get any better than that!!

Valentines Sweater Dress

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

One of the fun things about Tandy wearing Avery's hand-me-downs is that I get a quick reminder of forgotten patterns. Even better, I know I already have the pattern traced or printed in the right size.

Tandy has declared this dress from my very early sewing days a favorite, so I thought I would recreate it. 

My friend Jenny had gifted this sweater knit to me, and I figured it was perfect for a Valentines dress. 

Here's my confession: My stripes turned out all wonky at the front bodice seam. Gasp!! First, I tried to just leave it, but in the end it bugged me too much. Then, I went to unpick the seam, and realized my thread essentially disappeared into the thick sweater knit. My solution is the giant bow to hide the lopsided seam! It certainly isn't subtle! 

The pattern is an old Onion pattern (20036) that I'm not sure you can find anymore. I do have one suggestion with a pattern like this. If you are sewing stripes and the skirt pattern piece has a rounded hem, I would square that bottom off. It just makes for a cleaner hemline.

Tandy is hiding something behind her back. Silly girl!

The back, unlike the front, has a very nicely aligned bodice seam. Why, oh why, do those pesky flaws happen only in the front!

Oliver + S Hide and Seek Dress

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ever since Rachel of Stitched Together posted her floral Hide and Seek dress, I knew I needed to make one! My first Hide and Seek dress was color blocked with solid fabrics for a Knock It Off Post

Inspired by Rachel, I went with the all over floral print. The fabric is from the Les Fleurs collection by Rifle Paper Co. I have all the heart eyes for each of the prints, but this is the only one I purchased thus far. It was so hard to decide what to make with it!!

 In my head the knee socks and boots worked perfect, but I'm not sure this is the best styling for this dress after all. We'll have to work on that!

The only drawback to this busy print is that you don't see the wonderful lines of the dress as clearly. I love the princess like seams with front and back yoke panels. 

The notch at the neck is another feminine touch. 

I added a row of tiny pom-pom trim at the base of the front yoke to accent the sweet gathers beneath. She started collecting a "brown bouquet" here. The bouquet is still sitting on our kitchen windowsill, because despite being brown, it is lovely.

This is Tandy's Snow White smile. At least that is a guess. She has started asking me to name a princess, and she will give me her smile. I haven't figured out an difference in the actual smiles, and they certainly aren't big happy grins. It's one of those quirks I love to record to capture the memory.

Modkid Julia in Primavera Fabrics

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Patty Young just release her latest fabric line with Riley Blake called Primavera. Believe it or not, the line is inspired by a dream about a grasshopper! Be sure to read the back story here. My last post features another print from the collection. 

For a pattern cover update, I sewed up the Julia skirt and Penny Top. Tandy still had some lingering chalk hair color she received in her stocking that was pretty fun with this look.

The Primavera prints featured in the skirt include the Main print in teal, Paisley in pink, and Leafy in Green. This pattern includes two options for the skirt. This is the full version, but there is also a slim version with less fabric to gather. Tandy is still in the fuller-the-better phase.

The Julia pattern also includes the fun bloom applique templates. These pair perfectly with the simple knit Penny pattern.

The Primaver fabrics are popping up in stores now. To celebrate Modkid is having a sale! Coupon code PRIMAVERA2017 gets you 25% off PDF Patterns on the Modkid Etsy store and anything off the Modkid web store, including books, paper patterns and ribbon samplers. Code expires at midnight EST on January 21st, 2017. Happy Shopping!
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