Modkid Penny

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer started last week for us, and in some ways it snuck up on me. As I mentioned in my last post, Avery was diagnosed with ADHD this year. (They call everything ADHD now whether it is ADD or ADHD. She doesn't seem to struggle with the hyperactivity side as much as the attention side.) So, this summer it will be more important than ever to keep Avery caught up, or catch up, with school work. We're figuring out a routine, but this is all so new to me. I am not a teacher, and I have so much respect for those of you that are!!

So, what do these photos have to do with that? Absolutely nothing other than I haven't had time to sew much new lately. So, I'm posting something I sewed a while back, but had not blogged. 

Patty Young asked if I would be interested in sewing a couple samples for her and photographing the girls for an pattern cover update of the Modkid Penny. Whew, I had no idea how nerve racking it would be to try to photograph these two for a pattern cover especially without Patty by my side to achieve the look she envisioned!! In fact, half of the photos were taken in Mississippi and half in Texas. I did my best to provide options!

I don't know how cover worthy any of these are, but I'll certainly treasure a couple!

The Penny pattern is a paper only Modkid pattern (not available as PDF). It is one of the quickest patterns to sew, and perfect for a beginner ready to tackle sewing with knits! The pattern comes with a top and dress version and 3/4 or short sleeve options. The details don't stop there though. There are ideas for colorblocking and a bottom ruffle included. I sewed up a color-blocked short sleeve dress option and a 3/4 sleeve dress with bottom ruffle with a lettuce edge hem. As you can see, the fit is spot on as with all of the Modkid patterns I have sewn so far. All fabrics are Vivid Knits for Riley Blake.

 Thank you for scrolling through all those! Here is the final Penny Pattern cover with the Davis girls. We're pretty tickled!

Do I Have To?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

When we first received the costume announcement for Colonial Day at Avery's school, I pretty much knew how things would go down. I waited for a few days, hoping that the note stating that the school had a few costumes that had been donated in the past would apply to us. No such luck!! I found a couple costumes we could order for $30 and up. I knew I could make something that would cost hardly anything but my time. But, just like yours, my time is valuable!! I whined that just because I had the ability to, didn't mean I had too.  Just as you may have predicted, in the end I caved.

Avery was assigned the role of Dolley Madison. I searched for the simplest dress I could replicate, and came across this one. Doable!!

I would have had fun replicating the gathered loops on the bottoms, but I was trying to use fabric I had in my stash. This Jennifer Paganelli Beauty Queen border print was an excellent second option. Although, the border print isn't particularly conducive to apparel, I pieced together the skirt to have everything running in the right direction.

I used the Molly Peasant Dress Pattern by Scientific Seamstress for Sis Boom. I picked a fuller sleeve length and added a cuff instead of elastic to better mimic Dolley Madison's dress. The pattern indicates sewing a maxi length of this dress as is, but in my experience, walking would have been hindered with the width of the skirt. Since I was piecing the skirt, I had a perfect spot to add side slits just to be on the safe side.

We simplified the accessories. Avery did wear a locket around her neck, but it didn't make the photos. We swapped the hat for a simple tied head wrap. Avery wasn't the least bit interested in the ring of lace at the neck, but the draped lace piece was a must.

Avery's one complaint was that the dress didn't "drag on the ground" like Dolley Madison's. Can't win them all!!

By the end, I was excited to have made this for Avery. She worked hard in her role, and I was thrilled to give this piece as encouragement. This will easily be a dress that will get worn again and again.

For those that don't know about Dolley Madison, here was Avery's memorized piece:

"During the War of 1812, the British marched on Washington, D.C., and burned many buildings including the White House. As the wife of James Madison, the fourth president of the United States, I waited to ensure that a famous portrait of George Washington was saved before I would leave the White House to flee to safety. I am Dolley Madison."

The presentation had numerous poems and songs to memorize, including a song that listed every President from Washington to Obama, but my favorite quote was the following:

"Believers carry this message wherever they go, that while we love our country and pledge allegiance to the flag, we know ultimately that nations and kingdoms will pass away. What will remain is who we are, in and through, Christ Jesus."

The rest of the day was filled with Colonial inspired activities. The stations included apothecary, tailor, blacksmith, and toy maker. I manned the meal table where I flipped cornbread hotcakes while the children made butter from whipping cream and salt. 

First grade has had it's challenges for us (I will have to go into our diagnosis of ADHD some other day), but it has been amazing as well. 

City Stroll Wrap Skirt

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

As soon as Liesl posted the City Stoll Skirt for sale, I HAD to have it!! Thankfully, it was right before Mother's day, so I sweetly asked my husband for it as a gift. 

So many things came together for me from my weekend with Liesl at Craft South
  • Liesl wore her City Stroll Wrap Skirt during the event, so I knew I loved it in person.
  • I finally realized that waiting to purchase any other women's pattern until I had sewn the fit and flare style dresses I had fitted at Craft South was ridiculous. I wasn't sewing those, because I didn't have a real need for them in my wardrobe.
  • My measurements fell at size 12 for the waist and size 8 for the hips. (You could say I'm blockish or carry all my weight in my middle.) So, I had to use my muslin practice from Craft South and try to blend sizes. 

I'm still not sure I have the perfect fit, but it feels good on. A smidge shorter, maybe? I'm 5'-9", so I'm surprised if that would be the case. I just love the fit on Liesl! Let me know if you have any suggestions!!

The fabric is a tencel denim I picked up in Nashville. I can see this skirt getting lots of wear in the hot summer months. I guess it would be weird to have one in every color?!? I have a bright yellow stretch twill that might be fun.  I'm also eyeing the Maritime Knit Top and the Everyday Skirt. It's been fun branching out and sewing a bit for myself!

Ruffle Bubble

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My sister dropped not so subtle hints a few weeks ago that my niece would sure like a ruffle bubble for her birthday. I didn't put up much of an argument, so here's a bit of ruffly goodness. 

I used the Peek-a-boo Patterns Ruffle Bum Romper pattern because a snap opening for diaper changes was one of the requirements. The floral fabric is one of the Lecien Flower Sugar prints.

She's pretty cute from the front too!! Living far from family is pretty hard at times. I'm so thankful for Facetime and Skype!! Annie's (and our) favorite thing when she calls is to say "faces" to Avery or Tandy, so they will make funny faces for her. So thankful technology can bring us a tiny bit closer!

All photos by my sister, Casey.

Jillian Tank for Bundle Up

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Have you Bundled Up yet? You know my love of the Modkid Malibu Misses that is part of the bundle, but I thought I'd show you one more pattern. There is such a diverse collection!

This is the Greenstyle Jillian Tank. I've only sewn the outer tank, but the pattern includes 3 different options for an under layer including a sports bra.

I bought a super cheap knit at Walmart that I thought I would use for fit checks. I can only imagine how much better this would look in quality fabic, and it still looks pretty good in the cheap stuff.

Usually, I'm a straight up size medium in clothing, but based on my measurements I went with a size small. I used the length of the size medium because I always appreciate a little more coverage. I actually ended up overlapping the front panels much more than the pattern called for, and I tacked it down were it crosses at the chest. I might actually go back and sew over the seam for the whole length of the cross over to keep it together. That's just personal preference though, and the advantage of sewing for myself!!

The Bundle Up sale continues until tomorrow, so don't hesitate to grab your favorite patterns at the discounted price!

Malibu Misses for Bundle Up

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I hinted about a grown up version of the Modkid Malibu in my last post. Well, now I'd like to formally introduce you to the Malibu Misses that will be available as part of the Women's Bundle Up sale May 1st to May 8th.

First let's talk options. The pattern features either a short or maxi skirt. If you opt for the maxi length, there are instructions for a single or double side slit(s). Patty went into detail to offer length guidelines for petite, average, and tall heights, but there are also instructions for creating the skirt tailored to your own measurements.

 Now, I absolutely love the cross-back, but there is also a full back option to give you a basic tank style dress. In case you are wondering, the back has enough coverage to conceal a racer-back bra. Thank you for that attention to detail!!

I threw on a skinny belt for this last photo just to see how I'd like it. I think this would be such a great look for a full back maxi!!

There are lots of great patterns rolling out with the bundle, so I suggest you go check them out and enter to win the bundle before you can buy it!! Starting May 1st the bundle will be available for sale here.

Finally, we announced a sew-along for the girl's version of the Malibu on the Modkid blog yesterday. If you like Mommy and Me sets, this is a great way to get started!

Purple Modkid Malibu

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I fell head over heels for the Modkid Malibu last summer, and I know both of my girls need a Malibu for this summer. Avery will likely beg for a maxi, but the short version is perfect for Tandy. Patty Young's vivid knits make a perfectly comfortable dress. The Malibu can be sewn in knit fabric or woven, but I have yet to sew it up in wovens (or with the hi/low hem for that matter). What I love most about the Malibu pattern is the surprise as you....

....turn.... the back!! A perfectly fun criss-cross without too much exposure.

Be sure to follow us over at the Modkid blog, because next week we'll be announcing a Malibu sew-along!! Every girl needs one in their summer wardrobe!

Psst: Have you seen the sneak peeks of the May Women's Bundle Up!?! You might recognize the little Malibu all grown up! 

Book Review: Bake

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The wonderful folks at Tuttle Publishing have sent me another book to review, but this time it has nothing to do with sewing. My passion for baking subsided as soon as I started sewing, but I still love my sweets!! Bake: The Essential Companion by Alison Thompson is a treasure trove of delicious recipes.

It's as pretty as it is practical!

See, what did I tell you!?!

There is a little bit of everything! I love that Alison starts with some tips and techniques including freezing your baked goods. Stashing extra baked goods in my freezer is like my secret weapon! They always come in handy.

Impressive table of contents!! The recipe sections include Basics, Breads, Pizzas, Cakes, Baked Desserts, Muffins and Scones, Cookie and Brownies, Pasteries, Crossants, Brioches, and Doughnuts, and finally, Gluten-free Baking.

I love that there are a few savory recipes mixed in with all of the sweets, although I am partial to the sweets.

Browned butter is a recent favorite ingredient, so this one is on my list to make.

Citrus anything is another favorite, so add this to the list.

I'm not sure where the title of this one came from since it's so incredibly easy!

I had to give it a go, and it was a hit. The only change I made was to top it with extra toasted coconut. Oh, and I did need to bake it quite a bit longer, but my dish looks narrower and deeper.

There are several orange and chocolate combinations, and Todd has requested this version. Just read the description, "Clever and delicious."

Several of the gluten free options look promising too. I love that they are included.

I'm thrilled to have Bake in my baking library, and I'm sure you would be too!

I received the book, Bake, for free from Tuttle Publishing. All opinions provided are my own. I will only recommend products that I would use personally and are good for my readers.

Modkid Maya

Monday, April 13, 2015

I am loving drop waist styles on my super tall girly girl. First the Modkid Avery and now the Modkid Maya. The Maya is one of Modkid's paper only patterns. After a lot of pdf patterns, it is refreshing to sew up a paper pattern with the instruction booklet in my hands. Kind of like reading a real book after lots of Kindle versions. Not that I've read either in ages.

You can sew up the Maya as a separate skirt and top, or make it all one piece. I went with the one piece dress version, and you can see how it kind of bubbles over the waistband with her hands down. So cute! I might make the sleeve cuffs a smidge tighter in the next version. I'd love for them to bubble a little too. I made the size 8 length and size 7 width. The pattern only goes up to size 8, so I need to remember to sew a long sleeve version in the fall before she sizes out of it!

The fun printed knit is from Girl Charlee, and the solid interlock is from Joann's. I happened to complete this dress just in time to enter it in the Girl Charlee Easter Sewing Contest, so fingers crossed!

Easter 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015

It is becoming a bit of a tradition with my Mom's side of the family to meet at their property in Weimar, TX each year. We've made the trip from Mississippi to the Texas country to join in the festivities two of the last four occasions. Spring is my absolute favorite in Texas with all of the bluebonnets blooming. Weimar is in the middle of no where, but thankfully close enough to the Warrenton antique show to shop for a few hours!

Easter in the country means we forgo the traditional pretty dresses for something a bit more practical. Both of my girls wore their Tandy tops. Tandy's version was a test I tried in woven fabrics. Since it didn't go over her head, the pattern was release as intended with knit fabrics recommended only. To salvage the top, I cut and slit in the back yoke, and it works.

I'll never understand why my kids run around with their tongues hanging out, but I'll try to cherish the memories since I know it doesn't last.

While one group stays behind to hide eggs, the other group takes the kids to the Colorado River that runs along the property to throw rocks, fish, etc. Inevitably, most of them end up covered in mud. Avery is especially good at finding the mud.

Check out that competitive smile!!

I love that we hold the egg hunt on Saturday, so it's not so distracting from the meaning of Easter on Sunday. 1 Peter 3:18 For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive by the Spirit.

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