Waterfall Raglan and Hopscotch Skirt

Friday, December 2, 2016

Hey blog peps! It's been a while!!! In addition to the usual whirl and swirl of holiday activities, we have been preparing for a move. Sometime in January, hopefully, we will make the move from Mississippi to Texas, Austin more specifically. Yikes!! House hunting has presented its challenges so far, so keep us in your prayers. 

I'm alternating between sewing and packing in my spare time. When Gabriela of Chalk and Notch released the Waterfall Raglan, I knew I had to make time to sew. I almost never purchase and sew a pattern hot off the presses, because I always have a long list of items I'm wanting to sew. This time was an exception. I had to make one up!! This outfit was complete that week, but get photos and blogging about it took a tad bit longer. 

I love raglan sleeves, and the curved ruffle detail adds the perfect touch. The pattern comes in a top and dress version. I would normally lengthen the top to fit my daughter's measurements, but since I was pairing it with a skirt, the shorter length worked well. Had I intended this Waterfall Raglan for leggings, the additional length would have been necessary. I used Laguna knits from the Imagine Gnats shop in navy and citrus. 

I paired the top with a corduroy skirt made with the Oliver+S Hopskotch skirt. This is one of those patterns that I've had for ages, but had yet to sew. Hmmm, something old, something new, and something blue. ;)

Now, if it is quiet around here you know why!!

Christmas Bubble Skirts

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Does two years in a row make for a Christmas tradition? I loved Avery's festive Brewster Bubble Skirt last year, so I made two for this year. I'm not fully committing to making these a tradition, but I'm not opposed to it either. They are pretty fun to make!

I know it is a bit early for Christmas outfits, but we may have an even crazier December than normal. I'll share more on that soon. 

I was grateful to receive a one yard set of the Cool Yule fabrics by Josephine Kimberling for Blend Fabrics. I was able to sew up these skirts and have plenty fabric left for more. 

Tandy's skirt features the Winter Playground print in blue for the main section of the skirt. The cute snowmen, penguins, and tree laden cars are so sweet for little ones. 

This was the first time I sewed something assembly line style instead of completing one project at a time. It was all going well until I sewed the wrong bottom band to Tandy's skirt. Doh!

The main print for Avery's skirt is Baubles in white. The perfect name for this fun, colorful design!

 If only you could see Daddy's antics that captured the girl's attention so well!! He never disappoints when he joins us for photos.

Cheshire Melanie Nightgown

Friday, November 4, 2016

When I was contacted by Sash Fabrics to review some fabric, I didn't know what would arrive in the mail. I was greeted with this nearly glow in the dark Cheshire print. In walks Avery, who immediately requested a nightgown. Done! 

Avery is not at all familiar with Alice in Wonderland. I actually haven't let my girls watch it yet, because I remember being a little traumatized by it as a child. She is, however, drawn to these bright colors and silly cat images. She also loves asking the household which is their favorite cat. The cotton/spandex is a great quality. I didn't notice the least bit of fading after washing either. Be sure to join the Sash Fabrics Facebook Group to keep up with the latest rounds of fabric releases. Pre-orders are offered through the Facebook Group and retail orders are offered on the main website

For the pattern, I went with the Modkid Melanie dress with a couple alterations. First, I omitted the pockets. Then, I simply added a wide ruffle at the bottom, since we like our nightgowns long. This ensures longer wear too! I'm continuing my streak of never using an actual pajama pattern for pajamas!

The pattern does not call for a banded neckline, and for the first time I stayed true to those instructions. This is just a folded under neckline with a twin needle topstitch. Turns out I like it more than I expected! The original version had long sleeves, but during my fit check, Avery insisted on my shortening them. The elbow length turned out to be just right.

I received a bunch of Patty Young's older knit designs from my super generous friend, Jenny. I couldn't believe what a great pairing it made with the Cheshire fabric!

This project challenged me to work a little out of my comfort zone, and the result is one happy kiddo. Avery has worn her nightgown the past two nights in a row. Now she just needs a slumber party!

Amelia Earhart Costume

Monday, October 31, 2016

There is nothing like waiting until the last day to post a Halloween costume!! 

In a way, this costume may not deserve such a long post. Avery's Amelia Earhart costume is more assembled than handmade, but the assembling was fun and the photo shoot was even more so. 

We found the "Who was...?" series of books at our library, and Avery has been gobbling them up. She started with all of the females, and is now moving on to some of the males. Amelia Earhart was one of her favorites, and I could not have come up with a better costume idea myself. Everyone keeps telling Avery she even looks a bit like Amelia.

The only items I sewed were the leggings and the aviator hat. I used the most wonderful brushed poly from Finch Fabrics for the leggings. Avery wanted to sleep in these they are so soft. The contrast fabric and hat came from a thrifted faux suede skirt. I used the Jennuine Designs Dressage Leggings pattern, but due to limited suede fabric, I only color blocked the front portion of the leggings.  

I started with this tutorial for the aviator hat deviating slightly to fully line the hat with flannel. I knew I wanted to use an interesting buckle for the closure. When I went looking for an old belt to cut up, I spotted Avery's school shoes. That sent me on the hunt for Tandy's outgrown pair. The buckle / velcro portion was easier to unpick from the shoe than I thought it would be, and my sewing machine handled it perfectly too!

As soon as Avery landed on the Amelia Earhart idea, I turned to my friends at Wee Rascals for their hip and historical tees. The Amazing Amelia tee just happened to be on sale too!! It has been unseasonably warm here, so I love that she can wear this look with or without the jacket. 

Speaking of jacket, I spotted this one at Target. In the midst of costume sewing and party planning, I was thrilled to grab this instead of making one. If you are inclined to make one though, I think the Jennuine Design Moto Jacket would be great. I am eagerly waiting for Adrianna to release this pattern as well. The aviator style goggles came from Amazon.

Have you seen the recent Chick-fil-A commercial featuring Amelia Earhart? We were inspired to grab and industrial fan to try for a scarf blowing shot. I love it!!

We needed some last minute family costumes, so Todd decided to go as Avery's wing man. Did you know that Amelia Earhart didn't actually pilot her first famous flight across the Atlantic? She was an instant hero non-the-less for attempting the dangerous flight. 

Todd donned a tactile suit and a name tag that read, "Hello my name is Pete Mitchell" for a Top Gun reference. Had we planned this in advance, my dad could have properly outfitted him with fighter pilot gear. 

Avery had so much fun getting into character!! I love how she learned along the way. Here are some interesting facts we found:
  • Amelia fought for women's rights as pilots and citizens.
  • She established a women's pilot group calls the Ninety-Nines.
  • She set 3 speed records for flying in 1930.
  • Later in 1932, she made the first solo female flight across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Amelia studied sewing as a young girl. 
  • Amelia became a clothing designer with a line of clothes sold at Macy's in New York City. The designs were for "active living." I found this article about her clothing line very interesting. 

Crafty Like a Fox Party

Friday, October 28, 2016

When Tandy requested a fox party, we went a step further and created a Crafty Like a Fox Party. Ideas for the party only trickled in at first, but when I finally started to work on the party details the week before, they flooded in!! 

Inspired by her dress and her favorite dog, Tandy's fox party dreams came true. All of the fabrics featured are Acorn Valley designs by Patty Young for Riley Blake Designs.

Guests were greeted with fox ear headbands in lieu of party hats. 

Snacks included Chex mix, sausage cheese balls, and grapes. 

We served a mix of popcorn and Cheez-Its in paper cups dressed up with fox details. You can find the cup tutorial and template here

I pulled the orange and teal colors from the dress for our main color theme for the party. 

Fall may be the ideal time for a fox party since pumpkins happen to coordinate so well with the colors. I purchased felt from Benzie Design on Etsy for the pom-pom garland, rectangle garland, and applique embroidery hoops. The colors and quality are fantastic!! For the rectangle garland, I stitched across the top of the rectangles with my sewing machine leaving about 5 stitches in between each rectangle. 

I served pumpkin doughnuts which are basically cake mix and pumpkin puree with some spices. Easy!! (Recipe here.)

I can't decide if the cookies or the cake were my favorite. I found the fox cookie cutter here

My hand about went numb with from piping the frosting on the fox cake, but the end result was so worth it!! The instructions by Handmade Charlotte made it all pretty easy with maximum impact. I added a few fondant flowers to the cookies and cake that mimic the little flowers in the dress fabric. 

After trying blueberry pie pops for Tandy's Peter Rabbit party, I thought pumpkin pie pops would be perfect here. Pumpkins themselves made the perfect display. I have to say the pie pops ended up being much more crust than filling, but some indicated they preferred it that way. If there is a next time, I would probably resort to one of these other methods for presenting pumpkin pie

As a companion to the Acorn Valley fabric line, Patty Young released an applique pattern. I enlarged the pattern a bit to fit a large embroidery hoop for the backdrop. The "tail" of the number 5 had to have a fox feature as well. 

Tandy's aunt gifted her a bounce house for the party which was the biggest hit! These sisters had a blast!

We couldn't have a Crafty Like a Fox party without crafts!! We decorated pumpkins with the same fox templates we used for the cups. Avery actually brainstormed the idea for us, then I happened to find templates already available. We also used this popsicle stick fox idea. I prepped all of the crafts to reduce any waiting for drying times between gluing steps. We still needed lots of helpers, but the process went pretty smooth.

This was one happy birthday girl!!

We sent our guests home with fox temporary tattoos, chap stick, and glow putty. Patty graciously provided the fox graphic that I used to make the stickers on the favor bags. Can't wait to see what sort of theme she throws my way next year!! 

Happy 5th Birthday Tandy!

Monday, October 24, 2016

On your 5th birthday, here are a few things I'd like to remember about you:
  • You still sleep with your hot pink lovey. Now, you like me to spread it on top of your covers with your arms tucked underneath.
  • Your favorite color is still hot pink.
  • Last month the inevitable happened, and you started saying cookie and Rapunzel correctly. I hope I always remember your sweet childlike expression of cookie.
  • You love to make up your own songs especially while swinging.
  • You are a little chatterbox.
  • You make us smile each and every day. 
  • You have such a happy disposition. I pray nothing ever steals your joy.
  • You love to say the prayer before our meals.
  • You are absolutely beautiful inside and out. 
Happy birthday sweet girl!! 

Fox Birthday Dress

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I have been showing a few peeks of our party planning for Tandy's birthday this weekend over on Instagram. Today, I thought I would show you her dress, and how the whole theme originated. 

Tandy's party request is a fox party. We brainstormed a bit, as much as you can with an almost 5 year old, and came up with a "Crafty Like a Fox" theme. 

The fox idea originally stemmed from this Modkid Maya dress I made back in May for an updated pattern cover and sample for quilt market. It was then that Tandy declared that she wanted a fox birthday.

Beyond that, I think the foxes resonated with her because of her love of our friend's dog, Kit, otherwise known as the fox dog. 

I originally only had photos of Tandy and Avery together in their Maya dresses, so it was another good excuse to get birthday photos. I posted Avery's version of the Maya here and another one here. Can you tell we like it?!? These fabrics are all Acorn Valley knits by Riley Blake. 

I ordered the fox socks from Amazon after seeing some from Rachel of Stitched Together. Yep, we are on fox overload around here. 

Tandy brings smiles wherever she roams. I am excited to celebrate her this weekend!! Watch for the party post next week!!
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