Modkid Susie with Ruffles

Friday, April 8, 2016

I know I've said I'm not a huge ruffle person, but I did want to show a fun variation you could do with the Modkid Susie. So, I went ahead and put a ruffle on it. Ha!

This girl dances and sings to her own tune. Literally! She would rather sing you a crazy song about the grass and bugs than about a Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.


She brings on the big ole crocodile tears and rubs them away on your sleeve for effect plenty, but for the most part she's such a happy kid. She's the best kind of comic relief on stressful days!

I posted the tutorial for adding ruffles to the Modkid Susie pattern over on the Modkid blog yesterday. I just love stretching a pattern just a little bit further.

Both of these fabrics came from a growing fabric stash I am inheriting from my great Aunt. Each time I go to Texas, my great Uncle has uncovered another box or 5 for me to go through. It's so fun to find a receipt or tag attached to the fabric. She would buy yards and yards of cuts, and the price, according to our current standards, was so low. I only wish I had some inkling as to what she envisioned each piece would be. 

Tandy doesn't have any clue about the He loves me, He loves me not poem, but I can't help of thinking of it every time I see this photo.

And, then the goofy side was out again. Making me smile, and I'm so thankful for smiles.


  1. Ruffles totally work for that playful girly look!! Love it!!

  2. Seriously is the perfect amount of ruffle! I agree that it would have been fun if you aunt had made a "look book" with design ideas, but I'm sure she's tickled with what you're making from all of her fabrics! The outfit is adorable!!


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