Feliz Blog Tour

Monday, September 18, 2017


Isn't it amazing that sewing can bring people together from all around the world!?! Take this Feliz Blog Tour for example. There are bloggers from Belgium to me in Texas and a few others in between. 

I was grinning from ear to ear as I completed this made. Let's start with this fabric. Once again, it was from my great aunt's stash. So perfect for a kindergartner!! I would say it has a very lightweight canvas or linen feel to it, great texture.

The pattern really deserves all of the ohs and ahs. This is the Feliz Dress & Blouse by Straight Grain. An has done an amazing job at including all of the special details and tons of options. I'm not kidding! Dress, blouse, lots of sleeves variations, pleats or gathers, button back or hidden zippers. Told ya!

I went for a simple dolman sleeve bodice.

With those fantastic pleats!! I appreciate that the pleats are stitched down a bit past the seam allowance to keep everything nice and crisp even after washing.

There is just something so sweet about a button back.

Be sure to check out many other versions represented in collection of tour participants!!

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