Disney Beauty and the Beast Outfits

Friday, September 20, 2019

The time has finally arrived for our Disney Trip!! I certainly didn't make as many themed outfits as I originally had ideas for, but I am excited to have these completed. Casual Disney inspired outfits are pretty fun to make. Check out the Mickey Love outfit and Little Mermaid dress from earlier posts. Creating pieces that can be worn as non-Disney looks later thrills me even more.

Book loving Belle is a much loved character. My sister created the vinyl tee decal with her Silhouette machine. What a treat! I didn't really intend on making something to go with it, but when I spotting this embroidered chambray at Joann, I knew it was meant to be.

The free Purl Soho skirt pattern was ideal for this Belle skirt. I was able to break up the border print with the side panels and pockets which allowed me to have one last embroidered piece for Avery's shorts.

Avery's top is the Mini Ogden Cami by True Bias. She's a bit out of the size range in height, so I lengthened everything to accommodate her height. Sadly she's not especially comfortable in this top. I think the straps ended up a bit too short still, so this may be going straight to Tandy for future wear. Thankfully, a yellow tee will look almost as cute with the shorts. The butterfly fabric is an old one by Sandi Henderson.

With only the small big of rose fabric left, I knew I needed a pattern with a good pocket to highlight it. The Modkid Susie shorts were just the thing. The slant pocket is one of my favorite pocket styles, so it sets off the fabric just right. We are so looking forward to our Disney adventure!! 


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