Peppermint PJs

Friday, October 11, 2019

Blank Slate Patterns took a pole to determine the most worn items to sleep in. The results showed that the majority sleep in knit tops and woven bottoms. I happen to fall in those category preferences as well, so I'm pretty excited about the newly released Peppermint PJs sewing pattern. 

As a general rule I am pretty cold natured, but for some reason I tend to get very hot at night. Lounge wear may include some pajama pants, but I prefer shorts to sleep in. Thankfully the Peppermint PJ pattern includes options for both pajama pants and boxer style shorts. The pants include a fun cuff option for contrast.

Did I mention there are pockets!?!? Pockets deep enough to fit your phone too. The slant front style means the side seams don't get too bulky. I found the amazing floral cotton lawn at a fabric warehouse in Dallas. The fabric feels and looks Liberty-esque, so they seem like luxury pajama shorts. 

The top included in the Peppermint PJs pattern is a raglan style knit tee with two sleeve lengths, cap and long. Raglan styles sew up quick, and this top style could work equally well for daytime wear. I won't tell if you wear your pjs all day and night if you won't!

The pajama style is intentionally slim without being snug to allow for comfort without things bunching up as we roll around in our sleep. With the holidays around the corner, Christmas pajamas are usually on the list to make, so this is the perfect pattern for sewing up PJs for all the special women in your life.


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