Roller Skate Birthday Dress

Thursday, October 24, 2019


Happy 8th Birthday Tandy!! You daily bring me smiles and encouragement. Loyalty and empathy come naturally. Playing with friends, cheer leading, and watching slime videos are your favorite things. You are growing into a beautiful young lady inside and out!

When Tandy determined she wanted a roller skating birthday party, I knew the outfit and photo shoot would be fun. I just didn't know how fun! Tandy inherited the black roller skates from her sister. Hot pink laces appealed to both girls for an added bit of girliness.

After last year's Cherry on Top party dress, the Modkid Elizabeth has become a favorite party dress sewing pattern. The sweetheart neckline and twirly skirt make such a great style for a variety of fabrics. 

Speaking of fabric, the Cotton & Steel Snap to Grid Terrazzo fabric in grey was the ideal retro, bright fabric find. When I think of roller skating rinks, neon lights and disco balls immediately come to mind. The flecks of bright colors along with black in the design by Kimberly Knight completed the look inspired by the roller skates.

The Modkid Elizabeth dress is fully lined. In this case, I used a grey voile for lining. Understitching and an invisible zipper make the finished dress look very polished.

I opted for the bias finish hem instead of the horsehair braid. I love the volume of the horsehair braid as you can see in her homecoming dress version, but the bias hem is a good option for a less fancy dress. You can tell there is plenty of twirl in that skirt. I can't wait to see her skating around the rink!
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