Bexley Dress for Winter

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Do you wear many dresses in winter? When it gets really chilly I tend to avoid them, but I figured the right fabric would help insulate me from the cold. Since french terry is perfect for cozy sweatshirts, I wanted to give it a try for a dress. I love my summer Bexley dresses, so I also wanted a winter version. 

French terry is definitely not on the list of suggested fabrics for the Bexley Dress. The pattern is designed for knit fabrics with a lot more drape. While I knew this particular french terry met the pattern stretch requirements, I also knew it wouldn't lay the same way on my body. The great news is that the alteration to make it work is super simple!!

All it took was lowering the front and back darts, so they wouldn't sit too high. The pattern even includes instructions on raising and lowering darts! Keep in mind this is a thin to medium weight french terry. Anything too thick would make the darts too bulky.

Another option would be to omit the darts all together for a more swing-y shape.

I'm super thankful for the more mild winters we have in Texas, but I still want to stay cozy as those temperatures dip!
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