Roller Skate Birthday Party

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Roller skates, disco balls, and retro vibes made for one fun 8th birthday party. Setting up a party at a venue has its unique challenges, but this one ended up a bit bizarre. While the building was open due to a 24 hour accessible gym inside, no employees showed up for our party reservation. It made for a unique experience passing out skates to say the least. We missed the opportunity for disco lights and music, but the kids had a blast taking over the rink.

The light up number 8 transitioned well from Avery's Chasing Firefly Party to Tandy's Roller Skating Party. The roller skates are from Target for the Our Generation dolls. Mirrored ball ornaments make for great decor when you pop off the ornament hanger. Since stores like Hobby Lobby display Christmas decorations for about 6 months a year, you can usually find them at a discount.

My sister created the cut out skate cupcake toppers with her Silhouette machine. We incorporated a disco ball with foam ball vase fillers. Tandy loved the idea of grey vanilla icing for her strawberry cupcakes. Not only did it match her dress, but she enjoyed saying, "Try the grey stuff, it's delicious." from Beauty and the Beast.

Powdered donuts and Oreos all stacked up resembled a sweet form of skate wheels. 

Scattering shiny balls around the table added to the impact.

Fringe door curtains made the perfect shiny backdrop.

The roller skate sugar cookies are probably my most complicated sugar cookie to date. The roller skate cookie cutter from Holly Fox was too cute to pass up!

We attempted to provide a little sustenance along with the sugar overload. 

These girls had all the fun they possibly could on 8 wheels. Most of the party goers hadn't skated prior to the party, so they were very shaky in the beginning. We were delighted that they persevered despite lots of tumbles, and most greatly improved by the end of the party! I had roller skate coloring pages and games in reserve should anyone get frustrated with the skating. Neither was necessary!

My sister came through again with the party favor  roller skate cutout. I simply attached Rolos with glue dots. The roller skate enamel pins came from Ali Express. Displaying the pins on a scalloped paper circles made them easy to distribute.

Such a fun party and one for the record books!! For more on Tandy's roller skate party dress check this post.

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