Hey June Brunswick Pullover

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Apparently, when it comes to sewing for myself, sweaters and sweatshirts get me excited. My most worn makes include a Hey June Halifax Hoodie, a Blank Slate Sora Sweater, another Blank Slate Sora Sweater, and now this Brunswick Pullover (even though I only sewed it a week ago).

Sweatshirt fabric can be one of the easiest knits to sew due to it's stability. The Brunswick pattern works well with minimal stretch in the fabric, so it feels almost like sewing with a woven fabric. I still would recommend ball point needles, stretch stitches, and a walking foot if you have it. Keep in mind you probably won't even need to finish your seams if the knit doesn't fray! I sewed this entire sweatshirt on my serger; just using a coverstitch when attaching the kangaroo pocket. Everything could easily be sewn on a standard sewing machine too.

I used the last bit of this sweatshirt fabric from Walmart. I know you are frowning at the idea of Walmart fabric, but I love this stuff. I made my Halifax Hoodie with the striped terry side showing, but kept the grey smooth side to the outside for this one. I didn't have quite enough of the grey for the entire sweatshirt, so I opted to use red fleece on the cowl neck and kangaroo pocket accents. The thickness of the fleece for the cowl makes it stand up a bit, but also makes it super cozy.

Sometime around high school, I decided I didn't like the color red on me. I have no idea why now, but I have avoided wearing red since then. I'm trying to get used to adding it into my wardrobe again, so I like that the grey tones the look down a bit. Maybe I will look for more subtle ways to add red accents into my wardrobe!! Do you have a color you avoid?

The Brunswick Pullover pattern comes with two views and a couple variations that are interchangeable. You have to check out View A with side seam button plackets plus the sleeve pockets and hood variations. I've already bought some Sherpa fabric to try out!

Adrianna released the Brunswick Pullover at the perfect time!! Hey June Handmade has a rare sale going on, so you can grab the Brunswick as well a few others for 20% off. Use coupon code HJ2018BF through Cyber Monday at midnight MT.
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